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What do I need in terms of T&C's when signing a new client onto our product?


Turns out my side project has been going really well.

We have quite a large client who wants to sign up to it. We are now looking into drawing up a contract for them to sign.

Does anybody know what kind of terms and conditions will need to be in place for signing clients onto the product?

GDPR? Clauses? Other?

Any experience on this would be suuuuuper helpful.

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    It depends on the nature of your side project. In general, you need Terms and Conditions, which are basically a contract between you and your user. Keep in mind that enterprise clients often want to negotiate parts of them.
    What you need to include in the T&C:

    • the parties of the agreement
    • who does what and who owes what to the other party
    • fees, prices...
    • termination of the contract
    • intellectual property
    • limitation of liability
    • other stuff depending on your project.

    I have written a post about this here

    Privacy policy is a completely different document. GDPR is not related to the T&C.

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