What do you all think of my idea that helps come up with ideas and validate ideas? (ultra meta)

https://trideate.com/ is a tool to facilitate brainstorming inspired by the Disney creative process! Take on the role of the Dreamer, the realist, or the critic and come up with ideas together! The game is currently loaded with 25 various prompts (if you just want to get inspired, you can cycle through the prompts as well :) ). Expansion packs will be coming soon! I would love to know what you all think of the styling, aesthetics, usability, and utility. Thank you all so much!

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    I like the name :)

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      Thank you! I was so lucky to get the .com domain. Three meanings in the name:

      1. Tri -> Three roles in the brainstorming process (inspired by the Disney creative method)
      2. Ideate -> Coming up with ideas and solutions
      3. Try -> TRY IT OUT! The anonymity takes away the fear of getting your idea shot down :)
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    This application is neat, and looks nice. I can see PMs using it. The features to have on your road map are critical I think.

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      Thank you! Do you see it being a neat addition to standup meetings?

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        Maybe. I'm part of many strategy meetings. Those tend to have two problems. The agenda is not very clear or people don't contribute to the discussion. This approach can help with both. First it requires a list of specific problems. Second it gives each person a role, so even if a person does not have an opinion on the issue they can image what their role would think.

        1. 2

          Thank you for the feedback. It also brings about the concept of anonymity. I have found that some people are brilliant, but shy to share their thoughts. Trideate gives the ability for people to brainstorm together, without worrying about getting shot down.

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