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What do you do with your other projects if one of them takes off?

David Ma @cosimo

What do you do with your other side projects if one of them takes off? Do you guys sell it off?

As an FYI, I'm trying to validate an idea for a more trustworthy marketplace to connect people looking to buy and sell side projects. If you are currently looking to sell, I can pass the word along as I go about talking to people.

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    I will tell you what I have done so far. I built around 5 major projects and only one of them has generated me revenue so far. Here's what I have done,

    For the rest 4 of the projects, I am continuing them through marketing and prioritised them.

    If they generate me any revenue in near future, I will continue them. Otherwise, I would either make them open source and use it to generate traffic for my major one OR if there is someone who is willing to buy, that can be thought of as well.

    That's just my way of approaching things but I would love to know what you do.

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      Hey @vd sorry for the late reply. I had a side project that didn't end up making any revenue either. I just sold components of it, but I was curious how other people do things. In terms of your pre-revenue projects, would you be interested in selling any of them?

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        Selling components seems a good approach.

        In my case, I think it will depend on the project and the preposition. But I surely be open to it.

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          Ah okay, I have a mailing list of people who are looking to buy projects that haven't gained much traction. Could you email me with any projects that you might be open to selling? My email is [email protected].

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            That's great. I don't have any such at the moment but I will definitely keep you in mind. Thank you very much!

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