What do you do with your web metrics?

How do you make your web metrics actionable? How deeply do you dig into them?

When you look at Google Analytics or another platform to see how your site is performing, is there just a shrug and a "oh, cool," or is there a process around analytics that you've built to optimize your site/app?

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    Here are some basic ones that come to mind:

    Language Analysis

    • Look at chat logs & emails
    • Understand what people ask for
    • Revise copy on landing page to address it
    • Revise product to deliver on it

    Rare Elements & Pages Analysis

    • Look at buying journey flow
    • See which "rare" elements/pages correlate with conversion
      -- e.g.: 4/30 users saw it but 100% of them signed up
    • A/B test showing those more prominently to increase conversion

    Time & Effort Analysis For Tasks

    • Demarcate tasks:
      -- Generic: sign up, reset password, log in, $ subscribe,
      -- Custom: fill out body stats form, select interior design combination
    • Track % of the time tasks are started but not finished
    • Track time to success (TTS) of each task
    • Track effort:
      -- Interaction complexity: # of clicks it took
      -- Cognitive complexity: # of unnecessary surfaces and unused features they saw
    • Satisfaction = value/(time + effort)
    • Make time & effort go down for the most frequent & important ones with A/B test

    Repeat Task Analysis

    • Find tasks that are frequent & correlate most with retention
    • See if anything is missing from them by sending a question after task completed
    • If it is for >3 people, build the feature
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      This is awesome detail - thanks for sharing! This helps a lot.

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      I am curious: how do you measure satisfaction and cognitive complexity?

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    yes. for example:

    -look at the top 10 pages bringing in the most traffic from organic search.
    -do some math and find out the top 10 pages are bringing in 80% of the search traffic
    -optimize those pages to optimize 80% of the channel

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      You seem very focused on bringing traffic: how about optimizing your pages to maintain traffic, increase satisfaction and maximize conversion?

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        traffic acquisition is one part of my seo strategy.

        The other part involves traffic engagement. So I optimize for session duration, bounce rate, etc with my on-page seo strategy. For example, i analyze the individual bounce rate of each external facing link on a popular page and then remove those external links to bring the aggregate bounce rate of the page down.

        Then of course, I have to convert that traffic. That's another story.

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          Beyond session duration: would you be interested to measure your users' emotional experience? Or how your user spent the 30 seconds on your page: was he/she very interested, skipping your content, bored?

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            All that gets tracked as well if its a business priority to measure. Basically, I'll track anything I need to.

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              and how do you measure emotions?

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                  which tools do you use to analyse sentiment?

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                    I use Hotjar to measure our Net Promoter Score. It's an easy and free way to get that data. You can also use delighted.com to measure "user satisfaction" from your email campaigns.

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                      [editted] sure, I will DM you

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                      would you like to try Emaww?

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