What do you freelance in?

I know many indie hackers freelance.

I also know many indie hackers look to hire freelancers (and struggle to find them).

If you are a freelancer:

  • what do you do?
  • where can people find out more about you?
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    I’m primarily a freelance developer, indie hacker on the side. I focus on full-stack Ruby on Rails and native iOS apps. I also offer 1:1 and team training via pair programming.

    Learn more on my blog! https://masilotti.com/about/

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    Product Design(ux/ui)
    I do not do illustrations :D


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      Cool! I’m thinking of freelancing in the same areas to generate a bit of income.

      Where do you find you clients?

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        well nothing from dribbble itself to be honest :) mostly word of mouth.
        on the other hand, I know some people that generate a crazy amount of job from dribbble :)

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          Very cool - thanks for the tips :D

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    What do you do?
    Web & mobile development, digital strategy.

    I usually work with individuals to clarify, plan and execute technical strategies to realise the full potential of their concepts. Normally taking a product from ideation to Series A funding.

    Where can people find out more about you?
    https://www.pandabridge.co.uk/ - although this is a little out of date. Tangentially, I get 99% of my work through word of mouth and referrals.

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    Hi there I am Belinda a freelance copywriter. I help small business owners , e-commerce stores and digital marketing companies sell their products, ideas and programs through copy that creates meaningful conversation. Specialized in product reviews. www.belindakendi.com

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    Hey @rosiesherry, Thanks for sharing this.

    I am looking for 10-20 hours / week of work commitment. My skills are:

    • Python (Starlette, asyncio), PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, React (Zustand, Router), TailwindCSS, AWS/Digital Ocean, Debian, Git, CI/CD
    • I have been early engineer at multiple startups, so I can take ownership and get things out

    Find me here on IndieHackers, Twitter, GitHub.

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      Hi! Your job description sounds interesting to me! I'm interested in becoming a saas mvp developer for clients and I have a complex web app as a portfolio piece.

      Would you be willing to share what kind of clients you work with, what they're looking for, how much they pay, and where you find them? Thanks!

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    What do you do?
    Online Marketing and Digital Product Design.
    In other words, I make great ideas and beautiful stories come alive.

    Where can people find out more about you?

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      Absolutely eye-catching website @Counterattack!
      I loved the way you have captured the way user scrolls through the site :)
      I'm a newbie to web development but really curious- what technologies have you used to built it?

      1. 1

        Thank you! Glad you like it. It's plain old HTML, CSS and JS. Nothing fancy.

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    Freelance book editor (devleopmental editor). I've been editing since about 2005.

    There has been a boom in the need for editors in recent years. This is mostly from growing popularirty of self-publishing, but also a deepening understanding of the publishing process and the importance of editing.

    I run https://bubblecow.com/.

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    I'm Kaushik, enjoy learning and writing about my experience as, Full stack developer from Gujarat, India. I carry more than 5+ years of experience in web applications development using PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, MySql, MongoDB.

    Reach me out here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/devkaushikthakkar/

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    I'm a fullstack developer and work mainly on SaaS products.
    My typical stack is Next.js/React.js on the frontend and Java (with Spring) or express.js on the backend.
    I care mostly about producing something that really provides value, consequently I put a lot of effort on highly efficient systems, whether it's about page performance (especially core web vitals), CRO or efficient backend architectures.

    You can find out more about me on my personal website manuelkruisz.com !

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    I'm doing freelancing in SEO and PPC for the last 3 years.

    Reach out to me at [email protected] for quality services.


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    I'm primarily focussed on data analytics/data science projects for Ecommerce / Marketplaces / Saas companies - have worked with over ~40 clients in last 4 years (2016-20) and have become top rated plus on upwork (my main platform)

    I'm available via my website

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    I primarily freelance as a full stack developer. I prefer to build out data-driven dashboard/visualization applications but also build out public-facing sites for small businesses using Webflow and Gatsby + Contentful.

    You can learn more on my personal/company site.

    My experiences freelancing have led me to my first product on Indie Hackers: Scoped - a cost estimate and scoping tool for freelancers. I got really tired of how long it takes to develop accurate cost estimates when bidding on a project so I made a Google Sheet template to streamline the process as much as possible.

    Scoped on IH (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/scoped)
    Scoped on Gumroad (https://gumroad.com/products)

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    I'm a Full Stack Developer turned into Affiliate Marketer. I mainly work with React, Gatsby, Nextjs and Nodejs. To learn more about me: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01ece380df3b865365

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    Hi I’m Mark, a Freelance Web Developer, Consultant and Automation Engineer. I build websites, APIs, workflows & automations.

    More about me:


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    My partner and I are freelancing together as a small team! Our focus is on making delightful apps for Apple platforms. When needed, we also do backend and web development.

    Here’s our website: https://tripleglazedstudios.com

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    I'm a full stack developer specialized in Ruby on Rails and React. Love to work with startups, team up to create experiences that makes joy to use on web.


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    I freelance in SEO and Content creation. You can more about what I do on Linkedin!


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    You know when you've been doing things repeatedly in Excel or Goolge sheets and you just want it automated or want an app for it ?
    Thats me. am your guy!
    mail: [email protected]

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    I'm just start to become a freelance java developer.
    No, I'm not doing any Android or mobile dev! I'm more into build web application, desktop application and middle-ware.

    I also help do consultation to help any problem related with Java development.

    Learn more on my website! https://swardana.com

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    I'm a freelance B2B SaaS copywriter for companies such as Looker, SimpleCrew and RAN Wireless.

    Focused on writing copy that converts.

    Testimonials and work samples on my website: www.gocopytech.com

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    Freelancing as Senior Full-Stack Developer.
    Focus on React.JS and especially Next.JS (SEO-Optimzed React apps)
    Having and creating most fun by working on the apps similar to mine (https://all.pics)

    PM to [email protected] or +49 176 327 367 25

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    I create mobile interface
    90% of my clients come from Dribbble


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    Im a Freelance Content Creator(film,direction,editing,social media Strategy)
    And kickstarter videos
    Based in LA but open to Travel.

    I have a website youtube and instagram


    Instagram- www.instagram.com/bokehfanatic

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    I'm a Full Stack Engineer / Solutions Architect. I mostly work with early-stage startups to help them make the right technical decisions upfront and in most cases provide guidance, architect their solutions from scratch and build development roadmaps.

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    🔗 A small shameless plug for my new freelance-only job board: https://lancer.to.

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    I build growth tools with No-Code to delight your potential users.


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    I’ve been spending more time on my various entrepreneurial ventures over the past few months, but prior to that I was doing freelance political opposition research.

    I still do some, but not as much. Prior to doing it as a freelancer, I did more or less the same thing for a lobbying firm full time.

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    See patients by the shift... pays relatively well but trading time for money unfortunately...

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    I’m a growth consultant and coach for B2B SaaS.

    I specialize in solving communication issues that plague many companies and cause problems with acquisition and retention.

    I do analyses and workshops based on customer surveys and interviews to develop a strategic narrative (positioning, messaging, etc) that will create clarity and consistency throughout the customer experience and ultimately drive sustainable growth.

    You can check out my website. I do free strategy calls.


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    I'm starting my freelance carrier after quitting my full-time job. I'm a native iOS developer.

    You can find my contacts on my profile.

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    I am a software and operations consultant. https://blog.dadops.co/ or @dadops_ on twitter.

    I work on infrastructure. I setup best practices for dev teams, teach people how to use Git and Github effectively. I also develop tech specs for architecting services and finally I'll write code in many languages: Python, Ruby, JS, etc. I can do full stack development.

    I typically work with startups, because that's the space I know really well and startups have a lot of the same growing pains.

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    SEO optimized B2B content writing for marketing agencies and SaaS businesses.
    I write blog posts, lead magnets and case studies. You can find me throuhg - https://www.saasvaluechain.com/

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    I'm a "Full Stack Creator".
    I make and improve website, specifically I love to make website faster optimizing images, architecting html and css, and so on.

    Learn more on:

    Also I had a filmmaking and photography business with a friend where we focus on gastronomy, check out our social with all the yummy productions we made:

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    I'm working freelance for a company where I'm the lead dev since forever. Mainly full-stack Ruby on Rails. Other than my Github profile I don't really have a place where people can find me for freelance development work.

    I'm also a designer. I love designing and building physical things as much as digital things. I do a lot with CNC milling and 3D printing for my own projects. External jobs come in only sporadically. Most of the work can be found here: https://mick-wout.com/

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    I'm a freelance tech writer. Essentially, I help startups and enterprises with content strategy, copywriting, ghostwriting, and practically any form of marketing that has words!

    You can check out some of my work here at a business blog of my client's:

    Alternatively, you can learn more about me through my LinkedIn:

    P.S. -- Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn! The more the merrier!

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    What do you do?
    Build apps and websites. I'm a full stack developer!

    Where can people find out more about you?
    Personal site: https://allisonseboldt.com
    Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allison-seboldt-3a501746/

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    • Data Science
    • AI/ML
    • Proof-reading
    • Science coding
    • CAD & CAE

    Feeling alone here... anyone interested? Wrong business idea or wrong community? :)

    1. 1

      Maybe an opportunity to start a related community :)

      1. 1

        thinking about it indeed!

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    I mostly do software design, system architecture, algo and software development. I get most of my work from companies, CEO's CTO's I previously worked with.

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    UX & product design

    • Product strategy
    • Evaluation and prioritization of your backlog
    • UX/UI design

    Haven't translated my portfolio yet, but feel free to connect on twitter https://twitter.com/adriengonin

    Or check the website I made for my evaluation & prioritization service https://kumamodel.com

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    I do content writing and copywriting.🤘🏻


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    I’ve been writing software professionally for over 6 years. I’ve helped develop a large distributed healthcare system with dynamic form creation, a learning management system with on-demand video streaming, a Slack-like chat and video client for a large telecom company, as well as several other solutions. I’ve led remote teams, hired and trained engineers, designed data models, and worked effectively with my non-technical peers.

    My website is pretty bare right now but you can find out how to reach me there: https://jmarchello.com be

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    I'm a freelance developer. I primarily work with companies that use WHMCS (a billing platform for web hosting) and create custom modules for them in php.

    I also offer full stack web app development which I prefer to use Ruby on Rails and StimulusReflex.

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    I'm freelance SEO consultant. I help brands achieve better visibility on search engines for growth and profit. [SEO audits, consulting, technical, content..]. I'm also writing a book https://webperformance.recipes/
    You can find me on Twitter @LoukilAymen or via my website aymen-loukil.com

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    Content strategy, marketing, writing. I work mostly with SaaS & e-commerce companies.


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    • conversion rate optimization
    • paid ads (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc)
    • email marketing and marketing automation
      contacts - www.rocketcrolab.com
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    Graphic design.
    I focus on branding but I often get asked if I can help with websites so I recently started making basic websites in Webflow.

    Here is my website: https://en.studiolars.nl

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    Growth Marketing and Building a sustainable community! www.trumbullads.com

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    I don't freelance, but I have hired freelancers several times. Mostly for web design. I am now experimenting with outsourcing research for content generation.

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    Software contracting/freelancing!

    For those curious, I just recently started blogging about my experiences at https://contracto.dev where I write about tips, how-to blogposts and job posts around software contracting.

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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