Building in Public January 19, 2021

What do you guys think about our sign-up + get started flow?

Ulrik Hansen @cordtech

Hey everyone 👋

Our mission is to create software to make data labelling not suck. To that end, we just launched the Cord Web App which automates a lot of the pain that comes from labeling data with various heuristics, annotation models, and algorithms.

We are actually getting decent conversions from people signing in to our 'freemium' version (something like 12-13% who visit our landing page, but then churn relatively quickly after because they are not able to immediately recognise the value-add given that the automation features are 'hard to reach' (e.g. you have to make it all the way to the labeling interface to run an object tracker as demo'ed below).


I'm trying to make it more obvious / people realise value faster to make them come back. Any feedback/suggestions much appreciated!

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    Hi Ulrik, the product looks pretty amazing. I guess my question is, how easy do you make it for the users of your product to import the data generated into their existing workflow/infrustructure? E.g. if your app helps them figure out the different types and amounts of widgets rolling down a conveyor belt, how easy it for them to pull that info into a spreadsheet, they inventory software, Quickbooks, etc. That could a hurdle if it requires extra effort to finesse the data so that it could be imported into their software as opposed to just counting manually and putting it directly into the software they use.

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      Thanks for those kind words @ksp. That's a great question. We do have a Python SDK ( that you can use to pull the data direct. The problem we have now is that none of the 'freemium' users on the platform have actually made it that far, they create an account and then they churn...

      So we are trying to figure out how we can offer immediate value to someone creating an account which would make them more likely to proceed to the 'next stage' of our product.

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        The issue is the user has to learn and implement the SDK. Could they create a Zapier/IFTTT like workflow to pull data from your apps into theirs?
        I guess it depends on your target audience also. If Enterprise, then they'll have dev teams to learn/implement the SDK, in which case, maybe have getting started with SDK video tutorials. For SMBs, that might be too big of an ask, in which case Zapier/IFTTT like integrations might work better. The churn is likely related to how easily they can make use of the data generated by your product.

        If you capture emails of freemium users, you can try reaching out to them to see why they stopped using your product and/or what you could do differently to get their business. It won't hurt to ask and that'll give you insights about customer retention. All the best.

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          That's valuable advice, thank you! I hadn't thought of Zapier, I'll try to take a look to see if we can make that work.

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            I'm glad that was helpful. It'll still be good to poll on why the left/no longer use your product just to make sure that you don't spend a lot of time building something and the actual reason was something else.

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              Yea defo... We're trying to send out personal emails to everyone, varied success thus far but we'll keep trying :-)

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    I just want to note that the object tracking feature seems to be the coolest aspect of the freemium part of the product, so anything to shortcut to that would probably work quite well.

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      Thanks @elandau - the object tracker is probably where people can derive the most immediate value in terms of efficiency gain. I'll have a think about how to bring that out front.

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