What do you guys think of this idea?

The only activity I can think of to do with my girlfriend is spending money to eat out at restaurant. Ok, maybe that's not the only activity, but you get my point 😉

So, last Saturday I was struggling to come up with something fun that I can do with her in the evening without spending money and that doesn't involve eating. I'm not looking for a travel guide or list of events on EventBrite. I just want ideas for things we can do together right then and there.

I tried looking for such information / app but none exists.

So, what if there is a crowdsourced platform for "trending things to do in your area"?

An example of an entry could be:

Go for a walk at San Clemente beach 🏖 next to the pier at sunset ☀️

Next to the boardwalk, it's nice to walk along the sandy beach and enjoy the calm waves and sunset...

Good For
Solo. Couple. Family.

$ out of $$$

Go park at <map location>. It's a bit difficult to find parking but with patience you can. The parking fee is only $0.75 per half hour and it's free after 5pm.

Then, users can upvote on these activities, post pictures, leave comments, etc. A bit like Reddit. It's a dynamic list that rolls with time and is location aware.

So what do you guys think? It's just a seed of an idea, but could it go somewhere?

I created this sign up Google Sheet if you are interested in an idea like this: https://bit.ly/3E2bURz

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