What do you hate most about being an Indie Hacker? 🤔

It has to be the launching phase for me — it really isn't important but it's good initial traction that you can gather data from. You do it enough times it gets repetitive over time, PH, Twitter, SP, etc.

What about you?


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    Obscurity, invisibility.

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      There's a certain attraction to obscurity, though. The fact that sometimes everything might just work out, I like that feeling.

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        Right. But I actually meant more the obscurity of the products and creations than of the creator themselves.

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          Yeah, when you're working on something and you're working really hard and no one is paying attention. that is really tough. It definitely takes an emotional toll

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            Especially when nothing you do seems to make a difference.

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    Sorry a little unrelated to your post but I’m fairly new can you walk through some of the things you do for launch phase? What us SP?

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    Churn 😭. But that's an obvious one.

    One of the biggest risks ('hate' may be too strong a word) is building software on a platform as quickly evolving as the web. APIs change constantly (anyone that has used Stripe understands this) and keeping up incurs a real cost.

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