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What do you name your LLC as an indie hacker?

Minh-Phuc Tran @phuctm97

Hi Indie Hackers,

I'm about to incorporate a LLC for my projects. I'm doing micro SaaS, there're going to be a couple of different products. I'm having an issue deciding the name, thinking of using my name.

Would really appreciate sharing what did you name your company and what was your rationale?

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    I think, you can name it whatever you want.

    I think there are mainly 2 areas where you have to communicate the LLC company.
    The legal part of the website (or newsletter) and on invoices.

    Otherwise you can use your project names + a product by Your LLC.

    I am no layer so check this with the legal authorities of your country.

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    This comment was deleted 11 days ago.

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      Completely different. I'm experimenting with https://firstbase.io/, will write a review after finishing it.

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