What do you need help with?

I love helping others.

I firmly believe it's better to give than to receive.

What are you struggling with? What are you frustrated about? If I can't help, hopefully I can find someone who can.

P.S., if you don't want to share in public, feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter.

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    Thanks for your post Daniel.

    I'm struggling with making an MVP. My app is a hyperlocal messaging solution. I received feedback and I believe it is a viable idea. A similar startup has a valuation of over $2B so that gives me some validation.

    Now I need to make the MVP only. Getting 1000 users to test the MVP will not be a problem, i can handle that. Problem is I don't know how to code and I don't have money to hire someone. I've looked at a tech co-founder but have not found anyone yet.

    Any suggestions on how to take this forward? Thank you.

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      As Daniel wrote in this discussion "I firmly believe it's better to give than to receive". Make sure you have something to trade with.

      You have few options:

      • Build something that does not scale. (build a landing page and make it look that is automated, but in the back-end is you doing everything)
      • Learn no-code (for this you need to be good at logic so that you can create what you are looking for)
      • Start low. I know you said that you don't have money, but sometimes a MVP could be very cheap to build if for instance a developer creates a baseline and then you continue from there.
      • Find a Tech co-founder. This is the most difficult part if you don't know anyone. Making a commitment is difficult, you first needs to be in a relationship for a few months before understanding if s/he can be your partner in this adventure.
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        Yea I am looking into no-code solutions. And regarding building an app that does not scale, that is a good idea. My MVP would be quit similar to what you are saying. I mainly need the MVP to validate my idea. Thanks for your reply.

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      Are you open to giving away equity or splitting revenue with a developer? If you are, I would try writing a post about your product in the Developers Group or the Looking to Partner Up group. Here's a new post that looks promising! https://www.indiehackers.com/post/some-actionable-steps-that-worked-for-me-on-how-to-find-a-tech-co-founder-098ce495d3

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        If I meet someone who is passionate about my idea then would of course be willing to share equity with them. Thanks for the tip, I will look into making a post on those groups. I appreciate you offering to help, thats very kind of you. Thank you.

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    Hi Daniel,
    thank you for your help.
    I build a two-sided-marketplace for engineers, architects and academic experts so target customers are SMBs in search of small, remote but qualified consultancy at a reasonable cost, which is something validated in other fields but not in this "niche".
    Thing is, how do you build an audience for a new/incoming B2B market segment? Apparently, there are no online groups (since not B2C) for such a new class of on-demand services. What am I missing here?

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      I don't have a lot of experience in the B2B space but have you heard of Make Sales? Might be worth a look.

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        Nice: their approach makes sense in principle, but did you try it? Looks a bit naive, but I will enroll for a free trial anyway.
        thanks a lot!

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          I haven't tried it personally but it looks promising. I honestly can't say I even know what a naive approach looks like.

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    We're struggling to get some early feedback and user-base prior to our iOS app launch.

    We've been working on an iOS app that can help manage personal work progress and career goals. If you're interested in this idea, I'd love to hear your thoughts/pain-points and connect with you through this survey: https://forms.gle/cGgRuNnXoJ9pjWJ87

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    We have growth skills to exchange

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      I might be too hard on myself but I feel like I don't have any growth skills at all lol.

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    traffic acquisition to the web

    Trying with SEO but results take long time. FB ads is great but you need to be careful with budget to maintain profitability

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      All depends on your final users. What is your marketing strategy?

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    Awesome, Daniel. I like your style.

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      Thanks man! What are you up to these days? Any side projects cooking?

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        Focusing all my energy on improving access to homeownership via CoBuy! ;)

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          Awesome looks like a great product! I might get into homeownership next year. I'm happy to participate in any user interviews or surveys that you guys have.

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            That's awesome, thanks, Daniel!

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    Finding good people to work with.

    Recently I got mentally drained after a series of wall hits with the developer I’ve been working with. I’ve lost a lot of money but more importantly I’ve lost time and motivation.

    I would like to meet people who I can chat with about all these challenges.

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      Sorry to heart that... what product are you building? What problems did you have with he developer?

      I'm also really interested in this:

      I would like to meet people who I can chat with about all these challenges

      Do you not feel comfortable talking to people here on Indie Hackers?

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        Yes I don’t. DMed you on Twitter.

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    I need help to shift my mind.

    In short I'm trying to sell a product to get better on marketing yet I find myself fiddling with the product all the time while I should do anything else even a paragraph long blog post. I set a goal before the end of the year. Now I'm simply waiting for the days to pass by to fail and move on. Preparing to solace myself as "at least you tried and stick to it".

    If you have any suggestion to work those dead marketing muscles, I'm all ears.

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      That's something I can definitely relate to. I'm a developer and have definitely spent way too much time in the past refactoring code and choosing the right framework and not nearly enough time writing or talking to potential users.

      I think an accountability partner could help, especially someone with a marketing background! Have you thought about joining a mastermind group?

      I also think if you were to write a blog post here on Indie Hackers about your failure people would definitely appreciate it.

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        Thanks man, we've talked about private communities today, not sure if it's the same thing with mastermind groups. I had a different perspective, now I'm getting warmer to the idea. Let's wait for 2021 to share this not-so-exciting failure. :)

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          Hahaha ok cool. The key difference between a private community and a mastermind group is the latter is much smaller and focused, usually 10 people or less.

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            Research suggests that optimal groups limit their size to 8 to 10 participants that meet regularly with rotating leadership.

            Interesting, gotta dig it more. I believe it's saturated with imposters, gonna be hard to find/build a genuine one.

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    I really struggle with brevity. I wish I could talk and write in long prose, but I often find myself with very simple thoughts. Could you help me get better and being a more complex thinker?

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      I don't quite see that as a problem. Brevity is the soul of wit!


      Seriously though, what do you hope to accomplish by writing long prose?

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    Hey Daniel (@dkh) ,
    nice thread you'd open here.
    Last day's I've started to think about a strategy to build an community / audience for the SaaS-Service which I do just start with an co-founder.

    I'm not on Twitter or Facebook but wan't to start with linkedIn and xing first.
    I've found some suggestions to post frequently and valuable content and I plan to do so.

    Me and my co-founder are both programmers. Our Service will provide an easy way to generate and manage Landing-Pages and Onlineshops for small-businesses.

    In a first step we will provide software that is aimed at the gastro niche.

    Now I wonder what are the stuff I should write about?

    Thoughts that I had so far. I could write about:

    • our experiences to bootstrap our first SaaS themself. A weekly article about what we've done/solved, what we currently do, and what we will have done till next week. (Kind of #buildInPublic)
    • my Summary and thought about news I've read about the gastro niche
    • reading and commenting on Posts of other (out of gastro niche) on linkedIn or xing

    What do you think? Is that a good starting point? What do I missed here. Any suggestions?

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    Thanks for offering to help, @dkh! I've been looking for someone to bounce ideas off of.

    I'm currently struggling with market research - specifically, finding out what my target audience is having problems with and therefore, how I can help them. I've pretty much pinned down my target audience to a very specific niche:

    • industrial/organizational psychologists with their own consulting business based in Australia

    I would like to offer my services to these people in the area of report automation, dashboard and scorecard creation via custom web applications; basically helping them make the best use of web/cloud technologies.

    I've been focusing on LinkedIn as my main social media platform to market to these people, but have been struggling to find ideas to write posts about. Mostly, I've been sharing posts from other sites or even LinkedIn connections about automation and a few Excel tips.

    What would like is to find out what specific issues with web/cloud technologies industrial/organizational psychologists have problems with. What are there specific pain points? Where on the web do I go to find these answers? I've signed up to join several Psychology related LinkedIn groups, but most of the posts there are about upcoming industry events. Not that many people posting questions for discussion.

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      I would try to reach out directly to some of the people in your LinkedIn groups and see if they would be interested in doing a user reacher interview. You might need to offer an incentive. If you can't get anyone to participate I would try using a platform like Respondent or UserInterviews.com.

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