Help November 17, 2020

What do you need help with right now?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

At the beginning of every month indie hackers share their monthly goals with each other. Now let's discuss the challenges we're all facing to reach those goals!

  • What do you need help with?
  • What help/advice/service can you offer others?

Please reply to someone else and help them out — especially if you've requested help yourself!

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    Where do I begin! 😂 All jokes aside this is a great thread for me!
    Current status is I've done a soft launch to friends but managed to get no sales but have fixed a lot of bugs and added a few minor things to improve the USP.

    Current problems:

    • Not sure on a promotion strategy - trying to increase my twitter usage and go after "web performance" based slack communities in addition to Reddit, PH etc.
    • Not sure if my landing page converts or even explains the product very well
    • Unsure if my current product is actually useful to anyone asides from myself

    What advice I can offer others:

    • Anything technical! AWS tips, NodeJS trouble, slow SQL queries etc!
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      Hi @joshghent happy to help you with the Twitter aspect. I developed a framework that is working fairly well for me. Since I am just starting, I would only ask you for your feedback, maybe a testimonial if it's useful to you.

      Just schedule a meeting, if you are interested. Btw, nice project you have. Best of luck!

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        Hey @SantiagoM 👋 Thanks for this feedback! I'll be sure to check out your product and schedule a meeting! Great to meet you!

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      I think your landing page is nice. Maybe since this seems more niche of a market, indexing on SEO would be a good idea. So for example, when anyone is looking for web performance software, they see your site.

      Maybe an explainer vid would be good to explain the product too to make the message clear. I am sure some people want this! It may just be more work to find them. :)

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        @bensterne - thank you so much for this feedback, it means the world.
        SEO wise, yes this is a good idea. I will do some keyword research and update the site copy accordingly.
        An explainer video is a great idea, I hadn't thought of that but it will mean people can see it for themselves quickly. I plan to also put up passwordless login so customers can jump right in to doing it themselves rather than having to sign up and pay first.

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          Yeah, when a product is more technical or abstract, something like that can really help. Best of luck!

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            Thank you amigo 🙏

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    I need help with content creation for blog and i can offer email marketing consulting :)

    Content is for careers in gaming industry 👌

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      What specific help do you need with blog content creation? Who are your writing the blog for?

      • Josh @ TurboAPI
      1. 1

        Well, to be honest I need help with organizing my interviews. I am not a proficient content creator but doing interviews with gaming companies. I need help with turning them into articles with proper seo :) and ofc target is job-seekers in the gaming industry.

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          Ok well I suppose you can use some kind of CMS - for example you can use Wordpress CMS. There are then tonnes of plug-ins you can use to generate site maps automatically which will improve your SEO. Hope that helps!

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    I need to help with doing proper soft shadow in three.js

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    @rosiesherry My product, ruttl is now in the final stages of getting officially launched. I currently have around 250 active users and want to add another 100 active users to hit my target.

    Can you (or anyone who has done this before) sharing a few ways in which I can add more users?

    I have tried out tapping into my current network and now I need to bring people directly to my product login page to pursade them into using the product.

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    Hey everyone, my name is Ben. My project is and making it easy for anyone to help fight climate change. 🌿
    What do I need help with:

    1. Refining the messaging. We have an ad launching in 3 days and just want to make sure the messaging is a really good vibe.
    2. Building Twitter presence.
    3. Increasing word of mouth.

    What help/advice/service I have:

    1. I have a data and survey background so can help with anything related to that.
    2. I also studied history so I am a good trivia partner (am I though?)
    3. Set up a pretty solid no code sitch with Oco so can answer no code stuff :)
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      Hi @bensterne, could I possibly attempt to help you with your Twitter presence?
      Just launch a service about it, and would appreciate some feedback on the methodology.

      Please schedule a meeting in my Calendly if interested.

      Best of luck!

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        Hey Santiago! Very cool! I will grab some time next week!


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    I am creating a list of black Friday deals, at where visitors can upvote and comment on their favourite deals.

    I need some help in finding people who are offering the deals. If anyone here, offering any black Friday deal, please do visit the platform and write about it in the relevant channel. Thank you.

    1. 2

      Super cool idea. Maybe the community can all add deals that they know about to help scale that part of the operation. good luck!

      1. 1

        Thank you @bensterne, I am certainly asking people if they do know someone who is offering a deal and asking them to post here. However, I do want the concerned contact person to post so that they are notified of the comments and likes that they receive and answer to any particular comment that may appear.

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          Makes sense. Maybe it can be anonymous or something. My work has a slack where ppl share discounts so was thinking the community aspect has led to us knowing about way more coupons.

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        I know AppSumo is dropping 15 BF deals

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    I need help learning how to find founders to interview for a newsletter that I'm starting!

    I've been sending personalized cold messages to people on Twitter asking for 30 mins of their time to talk about a shared problem across the indie hackers space. An example topic would be "Getting your first 100 customers".

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    If you're not sure why your signups aren't converting to paid customers, why your landing page isn't converting, or what you should do next, talking to your customers should be your top priority!

    It's hard, I know (BOY do I know...).

    I can help you recruit and connect with them for feedback. I am launching an alpha of ListenKit to do exactly this, and would love to help you out if I can.

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    I want to make my first commission online, I never make money online before.
    That's what I need
    I 've been doing this for three months already.

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    Finding the right person to help hunt

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    What do you need help with?

    To get the 20 early customers for my product

    What help/advice/service can you offer others?
    Can help with the Android App, NO code tools,

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    Is my idea validated?
    Is my landing page good enough?

    BubbleBiz is an e-comm solution to help take business online.

    1. Got positive response on idea validation (~10% of visitors gave their email of ~100visitors). Is this fair enough to proceed with building MVP or prototype?
    2. Planning to revamp my landing page from scratch. What are the ideals components necessary for a landing page?
    3. Need help in creating a product illustration video. Is anyone providing the service budget friendly?

    I would be happy to help fellow IH on building MVP and landing pages and getting some initial traction to validate your idea.

    Looking forward for your responses


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    Current problem:
    I need to find my "direction". Just launched two recent projects: and, both have no users so far but it's pretty early. I also have an idea for another project or two that I really want to work on. But I'm also tired of just writing code and throwing it at the wall with nothing sticking so I want to approach these newer ones "the right way". But also don't want to stop concentrate on the two that are already live. So just sort of in a holding pattern.

    What I can help with:
    Javscript related tech or "big picture" tech questions. Or product ideas, I have plenty!

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      Cool products! Here is some feedback and ideas

      1. Add a Zapier integration to imgmark and market to the "no code" community
      2. Search out instagram influencers and DM them presenting the problem (their images can be ripped off anywhere) and present the solution (imgmark)
      3. Think you need to nail your market for - Twitch streamers would be a good target as they always have pictures of their social media icons on the channel.

      Hope that helps - keep up the good work

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      Since you've already built the products, you need to start marketing your products out there and finding new customers.

      I used to be a product first guy, but now I'm carefully looking for problems first, getting ideas, then potential customers, pre-sales and THEN building products

      Right now, I'm having a hard time getting new ideas.

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    I am currently working on the development of an app which works as a technological platform bridging between consumers and tradesmen. I am looking for people to join my company on a voluntary basis and then transition to a more permanent, paid role, depending if the app scales high.

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    I can offer a bit of "free help". I hosted a webinar on startup legal & fundraising basics last week. Here are the slides:

    Early stage founders, start on slide 17. For "future founders" (who haven't started their company yet) - start on slide 1. Also, please feel free to ping me - my email is on the last slide.

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