Help October 13, 2020

What do you need help with right now?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

At the beginning of every month indie hackers share their monthly goals with each other. Now let's discuss the challenges we're all facing to reach those goals!

  • What do you need help with?
  • What help/advice/service can you offer others?

Please reply to someone else and help them out — especially if you've requested help yourself!

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    I need help with copywriting and marketing. I’m a solo technical founder and those two are not my strong suit.

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      Eric, my copy & content agency might be able to help you. We're looking to do more work with startups and would love to help you with messaging. Is there a way I can DM or email you?

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        Sure. You can reach me through my email in my profile. I just updated it.

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      Hey Eric,

      I've launched a database of TL;DR growth case studies at

      Hope it will be of use to you and appreciate any feedback to make it better!

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      I feel you - this is exactly what I struggle with. Upvoted for visibility :)

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      What product is this for? Feel free to link and I can share my 2cents

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        Thank you @volkandkaya. I've seen you on the MicroConf Slack channel too. :) Our product is a hosted CMS for custom websites. We're currently rebranding it under our company name Aptuitiv ( because we feel that running two businesses as a small team is hard. Instead of being a service company that also has a software product, we'll be a software company that also provides services that compliment our product. The new site is being built on a staging URL at It's very much a work in progress still.

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          We might be competitors haha.

          But the best thing for us has to be niched down. That allows us to figure out the best marketing channels.

          Otherwise you don't have a clue what to do.

          aka boiling trying to boil the sea, just won't happen.

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            Thank you for the feedback. I agree that niche marketing is what us smaller CMS's (you and I both) need to do in order to compete in a crowded market. Our challenge right now is determining that niche because our product fits and is used by a wide spectrum of businesses across a wide variety of industries.

            One area, though, where we are not competing in is the "website builder" market as our CMS is more geared towards custom websites.

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    Just relaunched a free product on PH support would be amazing.

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      Hey- I noticed in some of the previous PH launches that if you direct people to your PH page directly for reviews, the upvotes are not counted. So if you just post the product name and let me people find it there it will be better.

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        Interesting everytime I have sent to direct link and doesn't seem like they don't count.

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      Wish your product the best! Just upvoted :D

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        Thank you :) This post was perfect timing for me.

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    I would love some help gaining some first users. We have gained some interest but are having a hard time getting people to utilize our product. We used to offer a free POC but then our team worked around the clock for someone who didn't even try it, so we now we offered a paid POC. We had someone say they were ready to pay but then kind of ghosted us. We are a B2B SaaS company.

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      Hey David,

      I've launched a database of TL;DR growth case studies at

      You should check out the strategies used by Lemlist, a SaaS company. (launching on Appsumo is a pretty interesting and controversial strategy).

      Hope it will be of use to you and appreciate any feedback to make it better!

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        This was great! Honestly, this verified for us what we're looking for out of AppSumo. Right now we're more focused on getting users than getting tons of revenue.

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      Hi David,

      Who would you say the primary person within Startups would use hotglue?

      I had a hard time navigating the initial benefit(im not a data guy but is there a way to make me understand the importance)? Whats the thing you want startups to know about hotglue right when they land on your site??

      YOu might just need to work on messaging right now. Once we can figur that out we can try something else that's a little more manual but will possobly help get you some users.

      Let's try to answer a few questions.

      Feel free to connect with me on twitter or message me via email. I'll be happy to help.

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        Hey Steve,

        Thank you so much for responding. So the primary people who would use hotglue are practically any developer at a company or startup. The value of hotglue is that it provides an easy integration experience - it saves a team of about 2 developers and a product manager two weeks in just building one integration. This doesn't even include maintenance which we would be on our end as well.

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    🔥If anyone needs help building your business Audience First let me know or sparking some ideas get after me. Or if youre interested in leanring more. I am currently building a platfrom that helps micro-SaaS combat the " build it and they will come mentality" + get over the fear of sales. It aims to increase your conversions and get over the fear of sales.

    I also need to see if this will actually help you out and if you would pay for this and what would make this worht it to you. So I need help doing some research.

    The project👉

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      I need help building an audience :-)

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        Pirsonal looks awesome.

        WHo are your users now? Who are you trying to capture? Is there a niche that youd like to focus on?

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          • Who are your users now? Agencies, marketing, or CX departments within mid to big organizations. I launched the SaaS approach a few months ago, so the user base is changing.
          • Who are you trying to capture? Marketing and CX people that want to improve customer experience, engagement, and sales by adding multimedia personalization to their workflows (marketing automation) and campaign (batch campaigns), mainly through email marketing.
          • Is there a niche that youd like to focus on? Two: marketing automation/etc. agencies, and organizations that already use a marketing automation software. I've tried targeting specific industries like Hospitality and travel in the past, but the traction wasn't quite good there.
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            Are your users able to create their own videos?
            I'm having a hard time imagining where this fits into a marketing flow/strategy. I know its there but I think I need to see what happens when a user signs up, the flow of creating a video, and where they can sit the videos in an automation workflow.

            Could you send me a demo?

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              Hey! The videos are automatically created. Think about them as if they were a personalized email marketing campaign. You have a template with dynamic fields. This template is either created by us as a service, or by a partner agency or created by the user with our tools.

              Once a template has been created, the user merges the fields using our integrations (Zapier), our CSV campaign tool or our API.

              Our platform will then make personalized videos at scale for a batch or as part of a marketing automation process. Check this how-to video:

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      Hi Steve,

      I'm getting this when I try to access your site:’s server IP address could not be found.

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        Hmmm...sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know. Try this

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    Great thread! I am always in search of some technical collaboration.. I am designing out an app at the moment that I am ready to start working with web developer to build out an MVP to start testing. Very excited about it and would love to connect with anyone looking for a new project!

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      I would love to learn the details. I have a few spare hours throughout the week to bring some extra cash into my start-up. I'm a pretty good product developer I built an online video editor

      If you need help with architecture and making good technical/design decisions I'd be happy to consult with you for a few hours.

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        Hey Michael, I shot you an email at the one in your bio. Hope to chat soon.

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        This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    I need some help with ideas for an open-source project I will put on Github. I'm trying to gather ideas from other developers on what could be easier in their workflow.

    Can anyone help?

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    Visitor segmentation

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    👋 I'm a software engineer, contractor, No-Coder, indie maker. As a product person, I can help you with product design and technical architecture (or non-technical!).

    👀 I'm looking to chat with No-Coders, if I can interest you! I make No-Code tools and looking for a friendly chat, get your opinions and thoughts on what you want to accomplish with No-Code 😊

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    Hello IH, I am an experienced UX designers if you need design feedback for your project, reply in this thread I am happy to help you.

    In this month my target to connect with 300 makers, 10 makers each day to know about their journey.

    I am building a platform ( to interview makers like yourself on how you got started. If any one interested in sharing the story connect with me, I will share more details.

    @rosiesherry I connected with you through mail and waiting for you reply :)

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      Could use a landing page look over

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    I can help anyone that needs assistance in engaging with their current audience/users (customers) on social media. We are currently building an AI chatbot that can mimic your behavior and it can like/share just like you. Not only do you save time, but you also get a larger reach than if you did it yourself. 😀

    If you find this helpful/interesting, you can visit our website to learn more. If you want to try out this amazing tool, feel free to join our waitlist to get early access!

    • I need help in:
    1. Getting feedback and advice on the product we are building
    2. Doing marketing and spreading the news about our product
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    If anyone needs design help, (3D/2D ), happy to give my opinion. I work as an architect (physical buildings) by day with some three.js/webgl experience.

    I need help understanding API secrets/keys, and how to securely not pass them to the client. Really understanding client side/server side webserver basis would be a huge help.

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    Where do I start Rosie?

    We still haven't maximised our SEO opportunities. The latest SEMRush report rates us at 93%. It's annoying. Google "creative branding agency melbourne" and we appear on the 3rd or 4th page in search. This isn't great. Means we're missing out on potential new business and the opportunity to help start ups and scale ups with their business and branding.

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    I've got a pretty solid dev-background but suck at promotion. At least I now know why after reading this.

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    I'm a solo technical founder and I need help with marketing my recently launched MVP :
    If you need technical help , don't hesitate to ask me !

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      Hey Steph, great site!

      Can I check with you what database tool are you using for your site?

      1. 1

        Thanks ! I use MongoDB for the database !

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    Need help with finding newsletter creators who want to do cross-promotion for Pipewing

    I can help with newsletter growth and Twitter support of your newsletter.

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    Hey Everyone. I can offer help in following categories -

    1. Cloud architectures
    2. Javascript related troubles - nodejs, reactjs etc.
    3. WebRTC
    4. On-Demand video streaming.
    5. Flutter

    Just drop me a message on twitter -

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    I need help generating more leads and converting them into clients, for, a personalized video marketing software.

    Great initiative!

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    Hey y'all! 👋

    I would loooooove to spar with someone on FeatherFeed - a browser plugin that recommends the best content without compromising privacy.

    👉 Why is that important? Well basically we're rethinking how recommendations are done - instead of you giving away all your data to big tech - it now stays with you. It's kind of a big deal, but (1) not a lot of people care (2) they should not care! (we do...)

    But....It's technically a complex story to tell🤯 . So, my question is: how can I dissociate the product from just "any kind of content aggregator / recommender system"? HOW can I show it's something unique?

    We have an unlisted chrome extension now, which I'm happy to share. I would love to chat over a call with someone and exchange thoughts.

    Thank you @rosielen for the opportunity 🙏

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    I need help finding makers/founders with new products, who also have great launch deals/discounts and early-bird pricing. I'm working on and the main goal is to help give indie creators another platform to share their products while also giving potential customers an easy place to discover great limited time only/early bird discounts.

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    Looking for help with gaining traction. I've built and havent found the right traction yet.

    I'd like to talk with someone who has gained traction and ideally has hit $5k MRR - $10k MRR.

    We would talk about our knowledge of traction, what we have tried, how to organize your time to execute and gain results.

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    I need help with getting into the indie hacker mindset!

    I'm working full-time but planning a switch. I'd like to find more channels to get in touch with other hackers and bootstrappers, be it blogs, slacks, newsletters, you name it.

    1. 1

      Definitely find the channels, but don't let overthinking and a lack of channels stop you from getting started.

    2. 1

      Lets connect.

      I run a sales/audience first maker slack community. LEt me know how I can help spark your journey.

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    I've recently started thinking on how to proceed with a prototype we build with a team for fun and understanding is it even worth to proceed. I need help with idea validation and feedback. I'd appreciate if you could give me advice in another thread

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    I would love some help positioning Mugshot Bot. If anyone is a blogger or manages a community with dynamic content I'd love to pick your brain!

    In return I can help with anything and all things testing. Ruby on Rails and Swift are my specialties but tactics are usually applicable across languages.

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    I just lunched my ByteConn web app on product hunt.
    And I really need a bit of the help with upvoting it.
    Thank in advance for all of your help guys!

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      I work in film and it's hard to believe how expensive and unintuitive a lot of inventory solutions are but I like what you've got going on with ByteConn. Would you ever consider adding rental capabilities to it? Also, I think it would be great if you added a features list on the home page!

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