Help August 7, 2020

What do you need help with right now?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

At the beginning of every month indie hackers share their monthly goals with each other. Now let's discuss the challenges we're all facing to reach those goals!

  • What do you need help with?
  • What help/advice/service can you offer others?

Please reply to someone else and help them out — especially if you've requested help yourself!

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    I am making a set of image tools which are very important for diverting traffic to my forthcoming big project. I am trying hard to get some attention to the following.

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      Nice and simple tools, to the point. You could try to find out what kinds of people need to use these tools most. Search twitter to see who is talking about resizing or cropping images, then reply to them directly telling them you're the creator of a tool that does exactly that, with no frills, straight to the point. :-)

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        That's a good idea Fitz., I can use twitter to see who are talking about cropping. I will try that. Thank you Fitz.

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          No problem. The whole goal is to find out kind of people use them most often then find where they “hang out” online and help them with your service.

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      Yes. Side-projects as a strategy to drive traffic to the project!

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      I like the idea of these tiny tools. I imagine a lot of your traffic will come from so for search terms like "crop image quickly" or "easy resize png". I would put both of them on the same domain so that you don't have to build up good seo for both of them, do some keyword research and then target your page to these keywords specifically.

      you can also post them in places like the LifeProTips or marketing subreddit.

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        Hi Jesco,

        Yes that's the intention to drive traffic from side projects to main.
        Your SEO ideas is great I will do that.

        Thank you

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    I could really use help on how to start generating a waitlist/list of potential beta users, preferably something that you’ve personally done that has been successful, instead of common things like ‘post on product hunt’, or ‘set up a landing page‘.

    I can always help with project planning and architecture, Javascript/React/Node library/code review, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

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      Post what you plan to do on reddit and ask for feedback and topic ideas. Do not leave a link in your original post. When people respond, inevitably - if your copywriting is good enough at least - someone will ask for the url. Drop it in smoothly.

      Alternatively you can edit the original post and add it after 50 upvotes.

      I collected 300 emails pre launch this way.

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      If you don't like 'set up a landing page' because it needs traffic, then try Facebook ads. It works really well for some users segment.

      In February this year, I created a landing page to get signups for a local photographer booking platform. Then created Facebook ads, the best-performed ad help me collect 600+ signs up within 2 weeks, which cost a bit over $60.

      The important thing is to keep tweaking landing page and the ad to improve conversion

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    Hi Rosie! New to IH here, so hope I'm doing this right...

    We're building a Slack bot that automatically collects and responds to questions ( We actually already have the product up and running and installed at some orgs, but one of my goals is to get more installs so that I can gather more feedback. I've gotten a ton of positive feedback on the idea, but I'd like to get tangible feedback on the actual product. To do this, I need intros to individuals in orgs who feel this pain (CS, support, Sales Ops, Product...) and who would be game to try it out for free. Ideal customer profile is an org on Slack between 20 to 100 employees.

    What I can offer others (regardless of whether or not you can help me):

    • I have very deep experience in SaaS product development, specifically in the sales and marketing world
    • Decent understanding of the AI landscape and challenges in enterprise software
    • Good sense of UX/UI
    • For the right product (or MVP) of high enough quality, I'm definitely willing to dig through my network and make intros if there's a fit
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    😎I made a channel on YouTube where I take a look at Indiehacker's landing pages and give my 2cents.

    😌😌Since 2013 I've worked with startups from Ycombinator, Techstars and many other smaller ones no one has ever heard of and I think I have a good idea of what I am doing. I just turned 31, paid in full my house and have enough business to sustain myself throughout life. Debt free, good retirement plan, stay at home dad without a kid 24/7.

    so I thought what else do I have to do in my spare time? Not much, so how about I try to give back my knowledge with everyone in this community?
    You might ask why? Well I've always been a maker/indiehacker/idea-guy for 7 years so this is why I love this community, what do I need help with?
    I want feedback on my YouTube channel, as I am trying to reach 100 subscribers on my channel!


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    Hi, indie hacker Just started an e-commerce blog. My goal is to write 3 posts per week. I am happy if you spitball ideas on how to go about it considering i have some client work and a side hustle to keep up with life now

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    I need to find ways to market instagram filters. I just started instagram account, so I have about 5 bots following me! My near term plan is to release political filters, targeting 2020 presidential election. I could use thoughts about how do I go about attracting attention.

    I am good at coding, web development. I can offer to help you in return.

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    @rosiesherry I've just created Help - a group for getting quick help from others IH members.

    Would you mind add it as a topic for this post?

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      Would you mind add it as a topic for this post?

      What do you exactly mean by this? Have this and this kind of post posted in your Help group?

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        Have this and this kind of post posted in your Help group?

        Yes, I created a "Help" topic for this kind of post (where IH members ask for quick help).

        And since this post doesn't have a topic yet, could you use "Help" as its topic?

        Thank youuu!

        (This is what I meant, choose a topic when creating a post)

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    I want to start an internet business to help others, especially SME's and Solo Founders out there. I am working as an IT architect / specialist working on enterprise scale and i can help SME's to create their stack, infra model, security etc. Aiming to develop small tools to solve problems, and make money.

    The problem starts here. In my country (Turkey) we don't have PayPal or Stripe due to financial data hosting laws. Therefore i can not create a SaaS business without starting a company, and our taxation rules are really hard, also i am not sure my current company will let it.

    If you were me, what would you do?

    Every answer appreciated.

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      Hi, you can start it for local clients. They will pay using the local methods available in Turkey then later scale internationally. You just need to customize for local client and if the product is good you will never go international because you will have many customers already

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    What we need is to spread the word about OrgPad. We need fanatics who will advice everyone around them to use our app. We need such people to make YouTube videos about our service. We need them to create public content and we need them to share it on social media. We need our community to grow. We need our users to interact, get together and create together...

    What can we offer? We offer an all-in-one power tool for brainstorming, planning and progress tracking. Currently FOR FREE!!! You no longer have to have your files on OneDrive, your notes in OneNote and your documents in Google Docs. You have it all simply and visually structured in front of you. Go check and create an account right now.

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      In Turkey we have a concept of "Soğuk Savaş" on Youtube, which means "Cold War". Concept is kind of similar with you app. Two people tries to make each other laugh. (but here the goal is not to laugh) Mostly they are making word jokes. And they made it popular with short Youtube videos, because jokes were really bad and usually other one was laughing to the badness of the joke.

      You may try to save and share content of users. But not good jokes, especially bad ones.

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        Thanks for your comment. I have recruited some comedians to do some laugh-offs. I plan on posting them to YouTube as soon as they are ready. I think they will be good promotions for Made You Laugh.

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    I'm looking for unconventional ways to reach programmer audiences. Does anyone have advice / resources for discord marketing, fb group marketing etc.?

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    Well, a bit more exposure for the landing page of my future book would be nice! 📙

    I'm a developer for 10 years, as a hobby for 20. I have a blog too, and a project on Github with 800+ stars. So you can ask me stuff about all of that :)

    I might be good in other stuff too (I let you judge), here's more stuff about what I could do for you.

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      I like the idea of the book a lot! I am going to tweet about it.

      My setup is somewhat similar. Just a bit of unsolicited feedback: I don't think it's "for productivity reasons" for all of us mouseless programmers. For me, for example, it's about having an expressive "language" that carriers more semantically-charged meaning to do things I want to do. Keyboard keys is a somewhat decent tool for creating a language like this, Vim is perhaps the best (albeit loaded) example.

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        I love unsolicited, solicited, and any other kind of feedback 🙂 thanks for that. And thank for your tweet!

        I think we have all our reasons why to use a mouseless development environment, but I needed a "common" one for developers to consider trying to build their own. Productivity - even if it's seriously debated - was the one I really believe in, and I added another one I know many developers would agree on: having more fun coding (which can be linked to productivity too: more fun -> more motivation to code -> more things done).

        Your comment gave me an idea: I should ask (maybe on why developers have this kind of setup. It's an interesting question indeed; thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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    This is a great post! thank you for creating this.

    • I need help with getting press coverage. I found this extremely hard without an appealing story and huge budget.

    • I'm willing to offer and help anything that I have learned from building and running to others.

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    I am looking for Indie Hackers to help - my goal is to help launch ideas and I am building around this (100+teams using it now).

    Anyone here can reach out to me at [email protected] or [email protected]

    Areas I can help with - GTM / launch, UX feedback, user testing, and extra semi-functional brain to debate your product or growth plan with.

    PS: I am an entrepreneur since past 11 years, have 8 failed, and 3 successful products. Nothing big, yet :-)

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    Currently, I need help with understanding other communities such as Reddit to keep pushing the brand mission. It would help if I had a list of sites I could promote Jemsplash in.

    I also need help with copywriting for the platform.

    As a service I offer:
    Web Development/Design
    Brand Design/Identity

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      Redditing whenever I can. I'll gladly help you understand this platform.

      1. 1

        Would love to connect please!

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          Sure, shoot me an email at my business address [email protected] and we can go on from there.

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    I still cannot figure out what should I do with my project, Designtack , as the growth has literally dropped.

    What are some ways to analyse what's wrong?

    1. 2

      what are the main ways you drive traffic to the site?

      1. 1

        Social Media ( Twitter, Facebook ) seems to be the only one so far.

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    I need help getting some traffic to my website to start learning data analytics 🤓

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    Finding the first organic users for our latest blood-red ocean service: WordPress maintenance. We have been taking care of web management for other companies already, but these have been mostly our previous clients, for whom we designed a website, or carried out a marketing campaign beforehand. Now that we are trying to market wp maintenance as a service on its own, not just a complementary one, it's proving difficult to find the first people who want to have their sites taken care of - although the number of bad websites I've seen is really huge!

    At the same time, I can confidently say that I can give a helping hand when it comes to rolling out new ideas into the market: creating user personas, segmenting your customers, designing communication, so on and so forth. I've done that many times with success - it's just the red ocean thing that is new to me.

    Also, since I'm a linguist and an avid writer, I'll gladly take a look at your copy!

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    Need early feedback from anyone who frequently does B2B Sales (Founders, Agency Owners, Salespeople, can be anybody). Could you please have a look at my product and share possible objections against buying it?

    Link here:

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    My MVP is ready. I want pilot customers to give feedback and use it. I'm ready to give the initial service for free.

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    Looking for experience desinger feedback for my site

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    I am finding it hard to make my landing page more attractive. I think I need to reduce text and more images and videos, but making these marketing contents always puts me off. No idea on how to motivate myself. TubersLab

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      I'm no designer but I think your landing page is great! Really like it :)

      I like the fact that it begins with mostly images, and then goes more into details with more text. I like as well that it's not too colorful, I think monochromatic is somehow "classy" (if it makes sense).

      It's a great idea too!

    2. 1

      This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

      1. 2

        Thank you. I was craving for some positive feedback and it means a lot when it comes from a UI Designer. :)

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    • Getting Guestboard above the fold on Product Hunt today! 😜
    • Can answer any questions on Design (former marketing art director), SEO, or UX!

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      oh! That landing page looks very polished and expensive. Good luck with PH. Will upvote if you share a link here.

      1. 1

        thanks @auBavan!

        Web design is the one thing I can do, so out of all the expensive things we've done, this luckily wasn't one of them! :)

        1. 2

          cool 23rd vote is mine. Good luck.

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    Growing on Twitter & Youtube.

    This is not needed but In return, I can help you with B2B Sales!

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      Hi Ali. Pretty sure we discussed before, bit if you don’t mind, why do tou want to grow your Twitter? And what are you doing to grow it?

      1. 1

        Why I want to grow on twitter
        I love talking to people. Managed to get 10k on Instagram. Now my focus is more on Twitter and LinkedIn. In the future, I plan to make products and services. It'll be awesome to have an audience to share it with.

        What am I doing to achieve my goals
        I am tweeting daily. trying to engage on other's threads. Plan on creating valuable content in the form of threads. Basically, following advice by @mkobach.

        My niche right now is Marketing, Indiemakers, and Startups

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    I help entrepreneurs with unlimited design, unlimited content, social media, and video podcast editing at Launched a free trial option today.

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    This comment was deleted 10 days ago.

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      You can use tailwind it's fast and easy.

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        This comment was deleted 10 days ago.

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    This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

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    This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

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