Help September 11, 2020

What do you need help with right now?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

At the beginning of every month indie hackers share their monthly goals with each other.

Now let's discuss the challenges we're all facing to reach those goals!

  • What do you need help with?
  • What help/advice/service can you offer others?

Please reply to someone else and help them out — especially if you've requested help yourself!

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    I need help with staying positive about my work.

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      I would suggest you to make a small founder-peer group and have a short (15 minutes) daily call. I am in such a group and it helps a lot when you try to stay accountable within a small group that you start knowing better gradually.

      1. 1

        Hey, how'd you find the founder-peers?

        Small founder-peer group and have a short (15 minutes) daily call sounds like a great idea to build a community around, or a feature of a current community.

        1. 1

          There are so many places on the Internet where early-stage founders are actively present. IH being one of them. Just connect and ask people if they wanna join a small group for motivation or accountability.

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        Great suggestion, sounds like something I would benefit from.

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      Tell us, what's your story? I'm trying to be positive too and also i'm planning my next SaaS.

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        I'm currently working on DesignAcademe and as it's my second venture.

        I'm not being positive about the potential growth of my product upon launch. I'm being more negative than positive. I probably feel that way because my previous venture did not succeed.

        The main application is 90% complete but I am currently modifying the homepage.

        Current Homepage:
        if you want to take a peek.

        1. 3

          I wrote some notes. I hope you can check that.

          1. 1

            First of all, thank you for the notes! I will respond to them here.

            1. Good call on the slogan. I will remove it.
            2. I actually had one other person in real life tell me the same problem with the logo. I have been working on an alternative.
            3. The copy underneath the "interactive design courses" had me stuck for a while. I'm working on figuring out how to write better copy. Appreciate that, I will try something new.
            4. I actually have a unpublished version with "Pricing, Features, etc" navigation in the top center but I did not realize I didn't push it live. Thanks for pointing that out.
            5. The larger image where you state "This image does not mean anything" is correct. In my original post, I mentioned I was revamping the homepage from a previous design. I was meaning to change that image to something that actually serves a purpose; just hadnt reached there yet :)

            I appreciate the time you took to help me. I really appreciate it :)

        2. 2

          To quote Margaret Thatcher, "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."

          Past success and past failures are poor predictors of what the future will bring to us. The context you were in, the knowledge you had, etc is all different (probably more so because of COVID).

          For what it's worth, I see this service being super helpful to a lot of students right now who are deciding on what their future education path looks like. I'm in this boat to. Currently studying Computer Science with the aim of being a Software Engineer, but I'd really like to learn the basics of design (just so I'm a bit more competent and can collaborate better in the future with more experienced designers).

          1. 1

            Thank you, I really appreciate this insightful response.

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    Are indies interested in growing their projects by creating better offers and using marketing funnels? I have noticed many Here struggle with marketing so I want to know how many of you want to learn this. In attrition to that I need some feedback on one of my projects. I’ll be posting soon.

    1. 1

      Yes really interested...

    2. 1

      Yes, I'm interested in using marketing funnels.

      I'll looking forward to your project!

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    I need a job, of any kind.

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    Hi Indiehackers,

    Incase any one need any help on building user experience for your product or facing any design challenge, feel free to connect with me I will be happy to help you. Cheers!!!

    1. 1

      I would love some feedback! (you can download the app for free on Android + iOS). Thank you for offering! We are currently trying to find our product-market fit.

      1. 1

        Sure, if you have any specific question get in touch with me.

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    Hey IndieHackers I started to build Twitter audience.
    But really don't know what will work? What i do most that give me followers? Which help me to aquire leads for my upcoming saas project...
    Should I comment on big followers account?
    I tweet 20 times a day?
    I use trending hashtag?

    1. 2

      One big thing on effective Twitter is to stay in your niche. Produce some content, yes. Retweet and like others when it's relevant, yes. Follow any account in the niche, yes. But don't follow everyone or everything. If a person you're following is usually about your topic but sometimes expresses political view, ignore that. Why?

      Because everything you do is visible to your followers. So while I like your tweets on a topic, I also have to suffer your likes of some "funny cats" or whatever. Be razor sharp, and then when you do have a big audience, you can maybe expand a bit.

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted a month ago.

    2. 1

      what's your twitter handle?

        1. 3
          1. Be part of a community.

          Unlike Reddit and other social media, Twitter doesn't not have clear distinction between groups of people.
          The easiest community to be a part of is the indiehackers community. Since Indiehackers want to help each other.
          Discover communities using twitter search and Hashtags

          You can follow this list and get connected with a lot of indiehackers:

          1. Let people know which community you belong to

          Let your followers know that you are a #Indiehacker by either putting it in your bio or tweeting about what you are working on.

          1. Commenting on big follower account will not get you audience.

          Most big follower accounts probably won't follow back. They mostly produce content. They don't consume content.
          Reply and Follow people in your community who have similar no of followers as you. They are more likely to follow if you have similar goals as them.

          1. Put out content that will help others.

          Ask questions. Tell the world what you are learning. Don't worry about being wrong. you do get multiple chances to fight the battle.

          I'm writing this comment to help you genuinely with nothing to ask in return and you will most probably follow me on twitter for this.
          Repeat this pattern of giving and expecting nothing in return.

          1. Stay Consistent

          Don't tweet about everything and anything under the sun.
          Stay consistent with your goals. Your followers will appreciate the consistency and will come to expect certain type of content from you. This is good for personal accountability as well when working on solo projects

          Hope this helps :D

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    We are currently looking for product market fit.

    If anyone has a moment to spare, I would absolutely LOVE some user feedback on our app ( available on iOS and Android):


    • I am in marketing and absolutely LOVE to strategize marketing opportunities for startups. If this interests you, I would be happy to help. Please reach out!

    • I am also happy to test products and provide feedback if that is what is most needed.

    1. 2

      Just wanted to say I love the concept! Really hope to see this (and more things like this) take off since I haven't been able to catch up with a lot of distant friends in a while :(

      1. 1

        Thank you so much, Tommy! I definitely feel for you. It's hard to be away from our distant friends during this time. We hope KOYA sparks moments of joy and we look forward to improving the experience + making it more accessible.

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    Good evening. I would like to ask if it's important to learn coding when I can create apps and websites with no code development tools.


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    I need help with myself to reply more notifications.
    Sometimes it takes 3hrs or 6hrs lol how?

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    I need help finding a job. I'm making a decent income on my side-project (publishing fiction on Amazon) but it's not at a full-time level yet so I want to build a freelance content writing business (I also offer WordPress site setup).

    I'd love to work with someone in the Indie Hackers community but I'm also applying for jobs/projects on Upwork, and in a few other communities I'm part of. My goal is to find just 1 or 2 clients that can provide ongoing work.

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    I am currently sifting through the Stripe Connect documentation.

    Can someone confirm that using AccountLink link to onboard accounts does not provide the force-skip option that using oAuth link provides? (where you don't have to fill in the info)

    I am trying to test this connecting flow but AccountLink link doesn't give me an option to skip the sign up form in test mode. So looks like I need another stripe account just to test, which I need to give email/phone for.

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    I need help coming up and validating with a SaaS idea.

  12. 1

    Questioning myself how to get more traffic to my app and get it reviewed

  13. 1

    I need beta testers if anyone is bored on a Friday night :)

    1. 2

      I'd recommend creating a new post, give a little introduction to your project. You'll have more chance of people looking at it

      P/s: Share your post and I'll test your project

        1. 1

          Awesome man. I'll test it as soon as possible!

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    Being able to manage multiple newsletters in a single platform. Like Nature Business for example and 5 other topics with seperate subscribers.

    I can help others by telling them how I (user's perspective) feel about their product/service, landing pages or ideas.

    1. 1

      Newsletter to RSS service, then just subscribe to em in a news reader :)

    2. 1

      Interesting! I never thought about someone having multiple newsletters. Different topics for a newsletter, yes - announcements, promos, etc -but not multiple newsletters. I'll keep this in mind with what I'm trying to build. Although my platform uses 'channels', so I suppose each channel could represent a separate newsletter.

      1. 1

        Actually I hate newsletters because I get spammed to life by many even after unsubscribing, if possible consider us also, like a solution to automatically detect and put them away so I stay out of these.

        This specifically is for a client from a friend's agency, the client had publications on that topic and worked on subscribing to topics. Now she has the ability to subscribe to topics and a list but she doesn't know how to manage them. Need an early tester?

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    Good question!

    I'm trying to figure out how to integrate with various email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Hubspot and Constant Contact.

    When an email is sent out by someone, I'd like to take the body of the email and make an authenticated API request to my platform.

    I have a call this morning with someone from Hubspot about this. I've looked at their APIs and webhooks but not seeing anything.

    1. 1

      When an email is sent out by someone

      Do you mean to send out from one of the platforms?

      What is the scenario? If the API doesn't support, you might have a different way to do it

      1. 2

        Hey hieunc!

        The scenario is a bit difficult to explain, because it's a new way of delivering content to your subscribers.

        But basically, someone creates an email on Hubspot or whatever. They have email subscriber lists, so the system will already send those subs the content via email. This is nothing new.

        But then the email they create has a body - the content. I'd like to build a plugin that takes that content and sends and api request to my platform. Then we deliver that content to the customer's subscribers on my platform.

        So my customers can create content on one platform, and it's delivered via two systems.

        Hopefully that makes a bit more sense.

        1. 2

          Thanks for the explanation, it did make sense.

          With Mailchimp, their docs were quite clear about getting email body content

          With Hubspot, I think you can get the body content from Email Marketing API

          For both, you will need to have webhooks and authentication (which will require users to get APIs, create webhooks, and some additional steps)

          One alternative solution, a little work with your email service, but easier for users. You give them an email address. They will add it to their subscriber list. Whenever they send out an email, your service receives it, then use the body for whatever the task is.

          Let me know what you think!

          Update: Those email platforms allow you to create webhooks using API, so users don't have to

          1. 1

            Thanks for the insight. I haven't looked at mailchimp yet, so I'll check it out.

            I have also thought about the email address scenario you brought up. I just need to make sure that it's secure enough. One of the core values of my platform is zero spam, and that no one can send you anything unless you've allowed them. Obviously accounts can get compromised though.

            If the email addresses I give out are compromised, then that's an issue. I could make them very long with random or calculated characters, but there could still be a potential of abuse.

            1. 1

              You can let users specify a while list email. Then when receiving an email, ignore it if the email is not on the while list.

    2. 1

      Sounds complicated 😬

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