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Hieu Nguyen (Jack) @hieunc

This Help group aims for you to get quick help from IH members. I'll keep a close eye on this post to help, from giving feedback on website design, newsletter, question, etc.

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      Hey Marlon,

      You can improve your skills, learn to find users while doing an actual project. In my experience, a project failed often because somehow they stopped working on it, rather than lacking those skills.

      Since you're having a job, you might want to find an idea and see if people willing to pay early on. By talking to potential users, set up a landing page to collect beta signup. Then start to build, get feedback, and improve. Here is a good talk about evaluating ideas

      I used to help a friend who is having a job, working on 2 ideas in a similar way. The 1st one got 2,3 customers but felt too hard. Then he started the 2nd one, he felt the potential, then quit his job. It got funded after a year.

      So he had an idea, found users before having the product, then build and improve the product. And lots of learning along the way.

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          That's awesome, I also think there are many things we can learn on IH.

          All the best with your plan Marlon!

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      Hi, have you tried to freelancing first ? After your freelancing income enough for paying expenses, then you can quit you job, and build product in your spare time

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