What do you not like about the new service we've launched - TogetherLetters - that allows groups to share over email?

My co-founder and I have launched a service, TogetherLetters, that allows friends, families, co-workers, alumni groups, etc. to keep in touch with one another via a weekly email. People are invited to a group and then get a weekly email to provide a <300 character update. Those updates get automatically compiled into a newsletter that is sent to everyone in the group who responded that week (no lurkers!). No social accounts needed - just email - and we'll never publish your updates anywhere online.

We're still pretty early and I'd call us beta quality right now. We're going to add a lot of features like multiple time options (bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly at least) and plan to keep our <10 member option free forever. We're also going to implement paid lists and accounts in the future with more features.

I'd love for folks to take a look and provide feedback - good or bad but to be honest, I really just want the bad / needs work feedback. Telling us good things won't help us improve so anything and everything (and I mean everything - be nitpicky even if you think I already would know X is wrong) that you see that isn't right would be great to surface via a comment here or DM me on Twitter (@sanjay).


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