What do you think about our pricing? 💰

Hello everyone,

We are trying to improve each and every aspect of BlogAudio and one of the most important (in my opinion) is pricing.

So, I wanted to ask you for your opinion on BlogAudio pricing. And this is an open question. I'm interested in anything that comes to your mind: the price itself, design, description etc.

If you can provide any feedback, I'll be grateful.

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    What I learned from my own research, might also apply to you:

    • Instead of "Choose a plan" as header, restate your most important value proposition or "reason to buy" for your customer.
    • Instead of calling your plans: Basic, Pro, Superduper, call them like the types of customer: Author, Agency, Publisher (I'm coming up with semi-random names)
    • Prices that end in a 9 are considered cheaper. Rounded prices are more premium. I also learned that a price ending in a 4 is considered the same price as the lower 9. So 14 and 9 have similar price "emotions". Not sure if it is relevant yet...
    • A FAQ helped us reduce the number of questions. Can I cancel every month, can I pay per invoice, what if I am unhappy, I need more time testing, these type of questions...

    Then some specific feedback:

    • I don't know what your standard features are, list them? Ah wait, I didn't scroll down :) Maybe state that they are listed below then

    I hope this helps!

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      Great feedback @timanrebel ! Thank you for taking your time to help us. We've got some updates to make ;)

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        That is a never-ending story I'm afraid 😅

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    My 2cents ..
    You nailed a clear message and value proposition to me. Pricing was also based on usage (articles/plays) I think that is also great.

    Probably choosing names for the packages that match the buyer persona is a great idea. While reading up I kept asking myself what is "our basic features" until I found it at the bottom of the page (not sure if linking to that section would be a good idea but if I didn't scroll to the end of the page I would have never known what this is)

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      Thank you for help, I really appreciate it. The "basic features" part comes up a lot since I started asking for feedback so it definitely needs to be changed. The same goes for the names of packages.

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    Pricing is quite sensitive aspect, since there is ambiguity whether what someone's selling is logical or not.

    For example someone can compare the 16$ annually that you're selling with the monthly subscription on Netflix, which even though is not logical, people evaluate what they see in front of them, with what they're familiar with, especially in small B2B or B2C.

    I would be fine paying this price annually if I had many articles in need of Audio. I think the pricing is logical and representative of the product.
    I think it should be more clear what exactly you're selling. I had some trouble to exactly understand what I'm buying.

    Also, what is "all our standard features"? Had to scroll to find out. That can limit conversion.

    I'd like to have a free plan that lets me try out the product for a single article for example. It would be a great trojan horse for small companies that don't want to commit.

    Those are just some thoughts and my perspective on the pricing page, which are not necessarily true.

    If you wanna optimize your pricing page , including Billing UI and subscription management you can use https://www.pricewell.io/ to help with the boring staff.

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      Thank you very much for this great and thoughtful feedback :) I think we'll implement those changes, I just need to talk to my co-founder.

      Btw, I really like PriceWell, it has a good business model and looks nice. I know you didn't ask but I'll tell you anyway. I would modify your pricing by adding all 3 features from "Bootstrapper" to "Startup". It is logical that those features are included in a higher plan but:

      1. Someone may wonder (I did for a moment)
      2. It will look like you get more if the list is longer (because you get more)

      It's just how I felt, I'm not an expert.

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        Thanks for the input.
        Are you on Twitter?
        Let's connect there. Would love to keep track of BlogAudio as it grows in public.

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          Sure. BlogAudio's twitter and my personal Twitter.

          I don't post much on either of these as I didn't figure out Twitter yet. But I'll follow you for sure and maybe learn something.

          1. 2

            Great, just followed both! 😁

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    I would suggest you add a free option with limited options. The conversion rate is much higher when you do that. A free trial would also increase conversion dramatically.

    I hope I helped. I would love some feedback on my page too: https://www.supertweet.co

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