Ideas and Validation February 14, 2020

What do you think of a search app 🔎 for NPM and Github?

Monik Gandhi @monikgandhi

I have a beta version of this app ready and deployed however I believe it makes sense to get it validated with my fellow indie hackers (better late than never) 🙂.

  1. I've built an app that searches for repositories across NPMJS registry and Github and provides results with consolidated info from both data warehouses.

  2. On SERP, for every result, all the necessary stats are displayed which help the user choose the right repo. These stats include count of stars and watchers on Github, number of downloads per week on NPM, number of issues logged on Github and number of times the repo has been forked on Github.

  3. As the user clicks on one of the results, the app navigates to a detailed view which along with the stats displays the README doc of the repo.

  4. In addition to that the detailed view also opens up a coding playground with a snippet for the user to play with before downloading and installing the repo. This code snippet is grabbed from the README or if there aren't any coding examples in README then a generic snippet is loaded.

  5. In future this app would have features like - better search with a ranking algorithm, ability to track functionalities in a repo, allow the users to rate the repo and sponsor it.

Do you think this can be useful? Are there any features missing?

Here's the link to the app:

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    Looks nice, I wonder what customer use-cases you're looking at.

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      Thanks @swebdev, in terms of use cases to acquire customers I'm looking for to implement a feature to promote repos and feature them on SERP which would be chargeable based on the keywords it's targeting and number of days it's on.

      Does that answer your question?

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    This sounds like a great idea to me, but I doubt I’d use it as I don’t use npm or github very much at all.

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      Thanks @Shaunau, that's good to know, do you mind sharing where do you store your code? Also do you use any online repository to download third party libraries?