What do you think of my landing page?

I built an internal tool I use for another of my project as a micro-saas.
Do you understand what you can do with it?
Also, can you let me know if some sentences do not sound right (English is not my primary language)?



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    Hello Pierre,

    The landing page is not bad but I think it lacks some character. If you are the sole founder of this product you could have a hero image with your portrait and then some details for you or your career.

    Apart from that, focus on the visual aspects of your landing pages and make them have a unique voice for your brand. Avoid using generic icons, emojis etc as this will not have an impact on potential customers.

    Another tip would be to add some social proof to make your offering more appealing.

    There is this great resource on landing pages that I think will help you get ahead of the game: https://moosend.com/blog/how-to-create-a-landing-page/

    Take a look if you have some time🤜🤛

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      Thanks! I will take a look at that article.

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    Awesome tool!

    The content on this page is too wide. Can you restrict it to, say, 50% of the page? I think that would make a 90% improvement here.

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    What's good?

    1. Short and precise.
    2. Can read the whole landing page in a few seconds.

    What can move the needle further?

    1. Design improvements after the boiler plate statements.
    2. Screenshots or Gifs
    3. A testimonial right at the top
    4. How does paying $9 improve our lives?
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    Great tool Pierre!
    A couple of copy suggestions - I agree with the other comments that your headline doesn't state the benefit which is what people will care about. What problem are you solving here?
    Could be "Got a lot of tweets to share? Avoid spam and spread them out" or "Spread out your messages to get the best engagement"

    A few other small bits:

    • Set up should be two words if it's a verb on your CTA button (To set something up vs start the setup)
    • the Twitter logo is much smaller than the other icons - make it consistent
    • "perfect for all kindS of use cases"
    • Change the CTA font in the use case section to black like it is at the top, it's really hard to read in white on the bright turquoise
    • In the pricing section, button should read "Start 7 day trial" (no s)

    Your 'about' section is actually really compelling and helps me understand the pain you're addressing with LoopBat. Remember to check that the header content is answering the question for the user "Why should I care about LoopBat?"

    Hope that helps, good luck!

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      As other comments said, you are right about the headline, I will work on it :)
      And thanks for mentioning the typos errors.

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    I think you should get rid of "at regular intervals" because it seems redundant. The ability to repeat a scheduled activity should be an option in any scheduling tool as a given.

    "The Fastest Way To Schedule Tweets using Airtable ."

    Are you addressing a specific issue that you can address by mentioning the benefits to the user?

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    Your heading states what your app does and not the value that the user can get by it.
    Why would I want to use it? That's the question that needs to be answered.
    Check out one of your competitors' sites for inspiration: https://meetedgar.com/features/

    You only give one plan that has 3 automation. I think for starters, you shouldn't limit it. After you have a few active customers, you will see how they use your product and you can decide if there should be a limit. If there's some underlying constraint that limits the number automation, then put up a "need more automation? Contact us!" plan without a price tag.

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      You are right, I probably should not limit the number of automation for now.
      I will work on the heading too.
      Thanks for your feedback!

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    Defs makes sense! You should try something like Grammarly (or Linguix which I believe is built by an IHer!) to check some of the copy basics.

    Other points:

    • Decimals instead of commas for the #'s. Grew up in Brasil so I get the commas but Americans wont.
    • If you can float some of the content to the right in the footer or break it up a bit more it'll be easier to process
    • "Send Tweets at regular intervals from Airtable in 5 mins!" -> I'd consider putting the word "schedule" in there since it seems to be the most common parlance for this class of social media management tools.


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      Thanks! I will make the changes.

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