What do you think of my landing page

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    I agree with the comments about adding photography and color to make the page more inviting. Some people in the comments were confused about the purpose; perhaps the title should change from "Your Ideal Home is One Swipe Away" to "Find Your New Home With One Swipe"

    The value proposition here is good: Instead of search and scroll, people can get matched with a house in a more fun and efficient manner by swiping left and right.. with an algorithm learning what they want and providing better and better suggestions.

    Instead of searching for all houses on the market and looking through 250 results... and then doing it again tomorrow to adjust for newly listed houses and ones that sold... the swiping App lets you see the new ones since you last searched in a fun and easy manner. It serves up the newest ones you haven't see yet, as the suggestions.

    Doing 10 swipes a day is a good method to stay on top of an ever-changing market and not getting "search fatigue" from getting 250 results at a time.

    There could be some real value here, if:

    1. You can get a data feed from MLS or Zillow or somewhere that populates your database every day, automatically
    2. You can devise a good learning algorithm to present really relevant new houses each day based on prior swipes.

    The first key is making something consumers LOVE. If so, then you will start figuring out how to monetize.

    Good luck!

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      Thank you @JHercules for the feedback :)
      I will be sure to take your feedback into account when redesigning the landing page.
      I appreciate the insight as well, It makes me more motivated to finish the app when others think it has potential.
      I already have a few ideas and plans to meet those 2 points aswell. I just hope my execution works :)

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    The title is kinda misleading, one swipe away means a lot of things...for example I thought this was a tool to unlock my house door with a gesture, but then as I scrolled down I realized it was about searching for new homes... 😂

    You could add more pictures to show what your product is about and think about the words you use on the landing page, better ..to achieve better results!

    P.S. The website isn't mobile friendly, you might wanna test the site on a small screen!

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      Thank you for your feedback :).
      I already working on mobile responsiveness. I'll also take into consideration what you have mentioned

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    Great feedback from everyone - so I wouldn't repeat.
    To add more feedback

    • There is a lone hand with index finger mobile phone screen. It look out of place - artificially superimposed.

    • The graphics inside phone is confusing. It has two sets of YES or No choices!
      One set with Red/Green Symbols - Other Set with Red/Green Text.
      Which ones are users expected to click?

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      Thank you for your feedback. I will take those points into mind. And see what I can do to fix those

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    The message is easy to understand, and the simplicity of the page is not a bad thing, but it's a bit... sad. The whole page is white, and even the smartphone doesn't show a colorful picture of a house, is shows this grey icon...
    If the product is already launched and you've received feedback already, you could add a section stating what users like about Swipehome.
    You're on the right track! :)

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      I never really thought about the colors and how they come off to the user. Thank you for bringing it to light for me. I will start thinking of how to add some more life to it :)

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    If you mean in terms of message. It's clear for me. In terms of ux, it's kind of boring, I mean color palette is black and white. Would bring some happiniess to this website with colors :)

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      Thank you for the feedback. I am going to start thinking on colors and add some life to the site :)

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    It took me quite a while to understand what the site is about by looking at the hero section.

    "Your optimal home is just one swipe away." Home as in home screen? Or what kind of home? Yes, my home screen on iOS is just one swipe away but I don't see how you would improve it.

    The subheader was repetitive, too long, and didn't help me answer that question.

    The screenshot didn't help me until I finally realized it was a Tinder-style app for finding a house.

    My advice: Make it more clear what your app does. Read @julian's guide on landing pages.

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      Thank you, I will make sure to read that and improve the landing page :)

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        You're welcome. Keep it up, Yuri!

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    spell check: Create an account and set requirments you want for your property

    How is this different from Zillow?

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      Thank you, I will fix that as soon as possible.

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    As some have pointed out, the design is boring. You can use the free template of my side project, remove unnecessary blocks from there. The text can be edited through a simple front-end admin panel.

    This template (https://launchoice.com/products/setti/) is the most suitable, because of "how it works" section, but there are other templates.

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    The cards are messed up on mobile.

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      Thank you for bring this to my attention. I am working on a fix 😊

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    Looks nice. We understand quite quickly what the product is about. I like minimalism, but would definitely add more pictures (home picture and some icons for the 3 steps). I didnt read any of the previous comments to avoid being influenced. In the contact form, instead of "Send" I would state a clear call-to-action (think about your target audience and what they could benefit by contacting you - even if other segments may use the same form).

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      Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it 😊

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    Is this like tinder for houses where you swipe if you like? Probably you could put a little animation showing it. The gray on the phone seems like a placeholder, like something is missing. Probably a real image of an house would be nice.

    The idea is interesting. Usually the houses I like are opened in 30 tabs and they (sellers) never know which ones I've selected and which ones I don't care about.

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      That is correct. Thank you for your feedback. I should have taken into account that the image might cause confusion or not be easily understandable.

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