Landing Page Feedback May 26, 2019

What do you think of my revamped site ?

Kishore @prakis

I completely revamped and concentrating on profile pages creator for developers (Resumes will be added later).

Is the site self explanatory? Is there enough information there to explain it?

Its still in beta, please leave any feedback/ suggestions.

Thanks you,


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    cool idea, desperately need: live demo

    Years on github has trained my mind to automatically look for these words and leave if no demo is available. Screenshots etc. work also.

    (BTW I am not sure what to do with the business card images??? I read the text and assumed it is talking about some type of website template, but the images look like business cards so your text does not match your visuals)

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      My bad, the business card images are two of the profile themes you can select for your profile. I will make it more clear. I will try to add a profile screenshot on the top.

      I am in the process of creating a bigger profile page(with more info, instead of card view).

      Thank you

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    The concept is nice. Feedback:

    • As a visiting user, I would love to be able to see quick samples of already created profile pages I can interact with.
    • The background of your landing page IMO should maybe have pictures of examples.
    • The Step-By-Step guide would be easy for tech-inclined users. But non-techies might find it difficult. Having a way to automate this(e.g with a script on your backend) and possibly reduce the no. of steps would help you convert more non-techies/users.

    My 3 cents :)

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      I will add a sample profile on the top of the page. This is tool is currently only concentrating for techies(github users) .
      Thank you for your feedback, appreciate it.