What do you think of our landing page/s?

Hey there! I'm Milan Kordestan, the Founder at The Doe!
We've just launched The Doe - Repairing civil discourse, and I would love to get some web design feedback

Any tips/feedback/suggestions would be much appreciated

Happy to hear your thoughts!

Thank you

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    This design is super, super cool. I wasn't sure what the unifying theme was off the bat - maybe a tagline could help.

  2. 1

    Really like the look of the website, Vice-esque.

    I'd maybe move the who we are section up further as when I first arrived on the page I didn't have any idea what the website was about. Or maybe a graphic to explain the concept.

    We publish anonymous stories that challenge the way people engage with new ideas. - Cool concept, Vice are doing something similar now in their videos with masked people telling their story.

    Further down the page you have two stories per line, it's very difficult to see that on first glance, it just looks like one story.

    Idea: maybe audio can enhance the experience, people reading their stories with their voice altered.

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