What do you think of this? (after 42 days of hard work.)

I created Submark for my university project, decided to turn it into a business and I'm about to launch it.

Any questions or suggestions?


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    Interesting idea!

    I'd suggest adding a short video showing how it works. Also, a free trial is important for people to understand what they'd be paying for.

    The pricing is confusing. You have this LTD for $39 which gives you access to what? And then you have to also pay per user targeted or it is per customer achieved?

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      Per customer achieved. I'm working on explaining the pricing more clearly.

      Free trial is in the works, and then I might add a video if I get the time.

      Thank you for your valuable comment.

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        Awesome! Hit me up here: [email protected] when you have that free trial. I'll gladly give it a go.

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          You'll be the first person I'll contact 😉.

          Have a great day.

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    I love the idea and how the page looks! The contrast is great. Here is my feedback:

    • Not clear how this product works.
    • Missing testimonials from users.
    • I would color the call to action button a different color to have it stand out.
    • 14-day free trial would be nice
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      I took note of all your points, Thank you.

      I'll add the testimonials after a few weeks with the clients.

      The call to action doesn't feel right to me as well. I'll think of a way to make it stand out.

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    I love the concept! everyone wants to find that perfect audience and will pay a premium to get them.

    Some suggestions:

    Ditch the lifetime deal if you are launching to the public, do a lifetime deal for a carefully selected group of clients that you choose, and charge nothing for it. Use that group for proof, testimonials, real-world testing, etc. Let that run for a month so you have some data.

    Get better questions for the FAQ - collect the questions from this post's replies if you have to. The first FAQ question was just answered by all the text on the page above it so at a minimum ditch the first question.

    You do need social proof from some clients but you also will have some of their stats so maybe merge them like this example below:

    The Widget Company, an online retailer, saw a 35% increase in leads and a 48% increase in conversions "We can't believe the quality of these new contacts WOW! Thanks, Submark" Joe Smith, Director of Sales, The Widget Company.

    Two things that don't seem to be clear to me:

    1. You write "Reach new customers through an exclusive network of SaaS, design, development, and tech products and services. We create custom audiences for you by targeting hundreds of tools, services, communities, and blogs that your ideal customers use every day."

    Does this mean you only serve the niche of companies selling to other tech companies? That first sentence isn't clear. If I sell insurance or real estate am I not a potential customer? If that's the case you need to state that in the second sentence of the site below the H1.

    1. do you need to have management access to my online ad campaigns? I am getting ad credits but are you kind of taking over my campaigns and/or tuning them?

    I think a process explainer video or process breakdown is needed - show me how it works. First we X, then we Y, then we Z, and using our ML you get better conversions or leads or whatever.

    Most of the ad campaigns run on FB or google are going through their own AI inside FB or Google to maximize the results for the ad buyer, explain how you improve upon that or leave it in the dust. Tell me how your ML takes me to the next level.

    Last thought - consider renaming it - submark (sub = below? mark = grade? - below grade?) doesnt describe at all what's happening. Maybe something that implies greater accuracy and hotter prospects merged with ML - targetbot, readylead, hotprospect, hawkeye, etc.

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      Good idea about the private launch. The lifetime deal is meant for IH, I'll add the regular price on the home page (with a free trial) and create a separate page for IH/PH/HN.

      Great pint, I'm already working on the FAQ.

      I'm waiting to gather some data and then I'll add the stats/testimonials.

      Submark serves every niche, I'll change the copy to reflect that.
      I'll work on the explainer video once I'm done with all the other things, you are right, it will help a lot.

      The ad optimization is mostly automated with bi-weekly touchups (or whenever needed, as an addon) and yes we will need management access to analyze and scale/kill ads and campaigns.

      The name I first came up with was registered by the time the landing page was ready and I came up with Submark ("sub" as in a subcontractor and "mark" as in mark or target users), I'll try to come up with a better name if I can.

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    Really like the idea, the layout it is great and the numbers showing the benefits are appealing, and definitely caught my attention. I personally like the pricing scheme and found it understandable, and the offer is definitely appealing enough for me to take it, despite the fact I vowed not to spend any money on marketing yet.

    I agree with a previous user that testimonials are important, so would be worthwhile featuring if possible. Also agreed with the free trial, although the money back guarantee is a good workaround.

    Well done :)

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      Thank you for taking the time to take a look at the landing page. I'm working on the free trial and all the suggestions made here on this page.

      We are going to launch to the public this month. I'll keep everyone updated.

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    Thanks for sharing. This is a product I was actually looking for as I am getting ready to launch my http://produktyf.com MVP and start thinking about the target groups for my marketing. I have signed up to show support (and benefit from the lifetime membership) even thought I am still not clear how this works.

    Few feedback points to improve the signup experience:

    • Your promo is lifetime, yet PayPal asks for subscription signup.

    • After completing the PayPal payment I am left on the Thank you, there is one more step screen. Not sure what the next action is.

    • Have not received any confirmation emails other than the PayPal transaction receipt. Assuming transaction completed.

    Looking forward using the service.

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      I just sent you an email.
      The page you were redirected to is the confirmation page.
      I am updating the PayPal button to reflect the lifetime deal and checking the logs for the confirmation email.

      Looking forward to creating your audiences.

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    The idea is great. One thing that stands out is the theme. It feels like something news-related which is a bit off. Just my opinion.

    The percentages seem unsubstantiated. Is there something you can add to support it?

    The pricing is kind of confusing to me. What's meant by "$39 one time. Limit 39"? Who are users?

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      • A newer version of the landing page is in the works and we use a couple of tools and services that achieve the reported numbers in addition to our own stack.

      • It means $39 dollars (one time) for 39 users. We mostly target users in the Saas/tech/online course niche.

      Thank you for your feedback.

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    The promise alone is very good, I think you will go far with this.

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    Think there's a few parts that could be improved:

    • Not clear how you're going about offering your solution (finding audiences). Without details seems like could be a grey area.
    • Doesn't seem to stick to offering one product. Mentions it's for creating custom audiences, but you also automate and scale campaigns. Is this running ads for me on FB? Google? Or something else?
    • Missing testimonials from users but also boasting huge increases in ad campaigns (e.g., 80% lower costs than Google, 400% return on investment).
    • General incongruency in the page. For part of the page makes it seem like this is a longer running business but with the signup offers clearly comes off new.
    • Can offer a trial so users can see what they're actually getting.

    Highlighting some copy that I thought could be expanded to be less ambiguous.

    We find customers with pain points that your product or service can help with and tag them.

    Your ad campaigns reach target customers using tools and services that can benefit from your services.

    Competitor Analysis & Targeting

    Hope that helps :)

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      Great points.

      • The custom audiences are built by tagging, analyzing users (using machine learning), and adding them to the appropriate custom audience.

      • The ad optimization addon takes a lot of time and resources too, I might remove it and focus on the main service which is creating custom audiences or make it more clear.

      • I'll add the testimonials in a few weeks when I get more data and time to write/design the section.

      • Free trial is in the works.

      • I'll fix the inconsistency issues.

      • I'm already working on the copy you highlighted.

      Thank you.

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    How would it work if I want to find subscribers for https://super-ali.com ?

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      Our system will first tag your users and create custom audiences (with users that would benefit from using your service, for example, dropshippers that run an eCommerce store like Shopify.), then you can run ads and target those users.

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    What i can suggest is to add free trial or 'free tier' of usage where small businesses or startups can just try your solution without costs. It is the best evaluation and if your product is worth, they will stay and pay... Honestly i wouldn't jump on using tool without trying it first.

    I think your landing page is lack of one very important information - real example usage

    Besides that, interesting idea and i really like that you are trying to actually use what you have done for university. Keep going, this is how should it works!

    Good luck!

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      Noted, thank you. I'll be adding a free trial and I'll update the landing page.

      I replied the following to a comment above:

      "Our system will first tag your users and create custom audiences (with users that would benefit from using your service, for example, dropshippers that run an eCommerce store like Shopify.), then you can run ads and target those users."

      This is the website: https://super-ali.com

      How does something like this sound for the real world example?

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    The page looks pretty good.

    I'm a little unclear about the pricing. Do you charge 0.05 per customer in addition to any expenses of advertising with Google, FB, etc? How do you determine which customers are paying?

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      That's right, we charge as low as $0.05 per month per new customer that you get with Submark. (We are not charging this fee at this time during our launch)

      We have the option to track users for companies that want hyper-targeted audiences.

      For example:

      Company A is a project management SaaS company that targets users that are using invoicing software, design tools, collaboration tools, etc.

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