What do you think of this simple landing page?

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    It's simple and clean. I like it. What state is the project in? Can people use it now? I think that could be clearer, as I'm not sure (without going to GH) if I'm following along for when it's ready, or if I can use it right now.

    Is anyone using it? Can you get testimonials from them?

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      Thanks for the reply!

      The first release is ready; hopefully, I will release it today or tomorrow. I want to write a small blog post for it. This post intended to get feedback on the landing page before even releasing the first version.

      As it's not released, it's only used by me. If I have some testimonials, I will update the landing page for sure. :)

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    Love that it is short and to the point. The headline tells exactly what it is in one sentence. It's got a good, concise list of attributes. And it has a call to action to follow on Twitter and star on gitHub.

    I think you could benefit from some more styling on the page. That goes into subjective territory quickly, but the tagline sort of ran together for me when I scanned it at first. Bigger would be better for it and the title, I think. Breaking up the three hyphenated attributes "open-source, hassle-free, self-hostable" would help. Maybe it just needs the commas

    On mobile, the icons are hidden. I think you need those still.

    The color scheme needs some more punch, to me. With the dark background, maybe even just scaling up some of the colored words (which I like).

    Intriguing idea, though, and I think a solid starting point. Great work! You got my twitter /follow :)

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      Thanks for your awesome opinion and the follow! :)

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