What do you use for blog, support docs, changelog and developer documentation?

Hi Indiehackers,

What are the different apps and products you use when you release an app for following use-cases?

  • Blog (eg. Medium, Ghost, Hubspot)
  • Support docs (articles) (eg. Intercom, Zendesk)
  • Changelog or product updates (eg. Headwayapp, Noticeable)
  • Developer documentation (Readme, Gitbook)

What is your total cost per month to build/maintain (if you build your own) these services? Please share your links, if you have built your own.

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      Versoly is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work. 👏

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    If you're a JS dev, check out Nextra for these use cases:


    and then host it on Vercel for free/$20 depending on if it's commercial or not.

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    I can only speak for the blog:

    My personal brand is running

    Tina + Next.js (https://jamesperkins.dev)

    I also work for Tina so biased but it’s git backed and has a real time editor, that runs on the site you use it on, making it a joy to write and edit content.


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