Legal, Tax, & Accounting February 9, 2020

What do you use for cookie consent/privacy popups (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)?

Shiv Patel @shivpatel

How are you making your website privacy-compliant?

Are you hard coding your own cookie consent dialog? Using a 3rd party plugin/widget?

I'm curious to hear from your experience and any pros/cons for the way you're doing it.

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    I started using
    Not yet implemented on the main site, currently only in the new webapp.
    But I'll have to add it to the main website too

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    I use Iubenda, which is super easy to set up. For $9 per month, you get a privacy policy, terms of service and a cookie banner, absolutely worth it.

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    I have not yet implemented this but I have seen a lot of people use this Rails gem. If your site happens to be Rails, it night be helpful.

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    You can use to comply cookie laws with popups.

    Also we have detailed guide about "How to Create Law-Compliant Cookie Consent Notices According to GDPR, CCPA, and The Cookie Law?"

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    I use this but I'd like to point that cookie consent is really the smallest and simplest thing to get right. Privacy policies and Cookies policies require more work but most of all being GDPR compliant cannot be done using a library. It's about making sure you don't store too much user data, data you don't really need.. making sure you have a procedure in place for users willing to delete themselves or willing to change their data. So basically get some good documentation, read it and make sure you comply, it's boring stuff but it doesn't take too much time to do it... and fines are very high so, it's worth.

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    In my view, the user experience of a site suffers from all those cookie dialogues. So I would recommend to just get rid of those tracking cookies.

    Since I didn't want to accept the pricing/features of alternatives to google analytics on the market, I'm building, which requires neither cookies nor tracking of personal data.

    Feel free to DM me on twitter for a free beta access!

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    I don't track users or individual visitors on my websites. I use, a GDPR compliant analytics to get website views.

    Here's one of my product's ( website views as an example:

    You can try and use for an elegant solution to cookie banner.