No-Code February 18, 2020

What do you use in Carrd for processing payments/checkouts?


In carrd I would like to have a checkout process, where a customer could select an item and a quantity and checkout with payment. Does anyone or is anyone using something similar? Think e-commerce type of product/service.

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    A good friend of mine has used checkoutpage or stripe

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    I have used Stripe checkout and Typeform. It was easier to set the quantity in Typeform.

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    I have seen people use

    Also can look into stripe checkout if you have only a few items.

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    If you need eCommerce that embed on your site, you can consider ecwid, snipcart, elliot

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    Apart from Gumroad. You can also try Buymeacoffee - they've released some cool features for small transaction and downloadable content recently.