👨‍💻 What do you want to learn!?

I’m starting to record a bunch of video tutorials on coding and design and was wondering what people wanted to learn?

Let me know below and I’ll update you when your tutorial is ready!

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    I'd like to learn some Roblox dev!

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      That’s very interesting, at first I thought you were trolling a bit to be honest but that’s actually fascinating.

      Is there any money in roblox development that you’ve heard of or is it just something that interests you in general?

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        at first I thought you were trolling a bit

        Not at all! My podcast co-host who has been doing other dev work for decades, got into it because of his kid a few months ago and has gotten sucked deeper and deeper into making a Roblox game.

        They share a lower % of the revenue with devs than Apple or Google, but they've got a full Adobe Flash-like integrated dev and design studio for you to use, they've got easy collaboration and team features and apparently the ecosystem is booming. I know nothing about it other than his comments, though.

        FWIW he's built multiple 6-figure side projects and lives in California with a pretty high cost of living, some I'm sure there's some potential he sees in it. A semi-retired 22 year-old Roblox dev is helping him, though.

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        I did some Roblox coding with my nephew a few summers ago. We spent a month or so going through Lua and making a couple games.

        I even bought some domains around roblox including robloxbooks.com because I was going to do an e-book about the basics - but just put it in a folder with the thousand other ideas I have on a whim.

        There are some folks making money building Roblox games yeah. Not really huge money and exit type of cash, but more like really good software salary type of money. That was a few years ago, not sure the current landscape.

        Pretty fun platform though for a coder who doesn't do game coding to get comfortable with and make something.

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    I don't know if this is quite what you're looking for, but I'd really love to see more tutorial content around overall good coding practices that apply no matter what language you're writing.

    Tutorials rarely cover good practices for naming variables, for DRY practices, how to organize code, etc. It might not matter as much for indie hackers, but it's an issue that prevents a lot of self-taught folks from getting hired.

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    During my journey of building ruttl, I have seen that a lot of developers have been venturing into the space of Gatsby and Angular.

    I think you should definitely consider those two areas for you video tutorial @yehuda.

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      Very interesting, I wonder why Angular is making a comeback. I love Gatsby but never really saw much in Angular and always preferred both React and Vue. I’m very curious what’s causing developers to start being interested in it again.

      What did you use for building ruttl?

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