What does it cost to run a bootstrapped Saas? A breakdown of our monthly costs.

We often share revenue numbers, but what does it actually cost to run a bootstrapped SaaS?

Tally has:

  • 2 co-founders
  • 13K users
  • 1M pageviews/month
  • 4K forms published/month
  • $6K MRR

→ $526 costs/month

Here's a breakdown of our monthly costs.

  1. 1

    The cost breakdown is quite helpful.
    However it seems you use Notion, Sendgrid, Sentry, Super. Your customer data flows through (and gets stored by) these SaaS outside of the EU.
    This is at odds with your privacy policy https://help.tally.so/terms-and-privacy/privacy-policy which says: "9. Data Transfers
    Tally is based in the EU and complies with the GDPR framework. All data is stored in Belgium, EU."

    1. 1

      Our form and user data is stored in the EU indeed. Notion, Super and Sentry don't process our customer data (used for public landing pages and error reporting).

      We'll look into updating our policy for Sendgrid, thanks for noticing.

      1. 1

        Thanks, I think this is good to do.
        Regarding public pages like Notion and Sentry: They process and store your customers IP addresses. These are PII in the EU.
        And regarding Sendgrid, you could simply switch to an EU provider like e.g. https://www.tipimail.com , Sendinblue, or AWS SES hosted in the EU.

  2. 1

    Thanks for the breakdown! That’s really cool to see. Would you detail Google Cloud more? Also, what’s super?

    1. 2

      You're welcome!

      The Google Cloud services we use are: Run, Storage and SQL.
      We use super to create landing pages with Notion.

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