Design and UX September 24, 2020

What does your brand mean to you?

Oz Huner @oguzcanhuner

This is a bit of a general question, but I'm interested to hear some varied responses.

Some questions that pop into my head:

  • How would you define your brand?
  • How important do you think your brand is to your business success?
  • Do you think your brand should represent you as a person? Does it need to be super honest?


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    Hey Oz, good question!
    For me, since I’m in the design space, branding is super important. I assume it’s the same for you with tattoo design.

    My brand, Logology, is all about being high quality while remaining accessible and fun. It does not represent me or the team directly, it’s more about making sure people understand the kind of experience they will have working with us.

    So far it has served us well. It’s interesting since we have a lot of people telling us how they love our design… and on the other hand quite a few who tell us that they hate it!

    It doesn’t bother me though, as long as we have more people loving it, we’ll be fine 😀

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      Thanks for the reply Dagobert!

      So would you say that the main way you get your brand across to others is through the design of your website?

      Is there some other way(s) that you interact with others where you're able to convey that you value being high quality and accessible/fun?

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        Definitely, yes. I think the other way is how we interact with customers. Always striving to be super friendly and helpful. It gives a really accessible vibe.

        Will have more to report when we start focusing more on content creation. Things like the choice of words and the way to write about a topic can go a long way to convey expertise!

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