Productivity February 14, 2020

What emailing service do you prefer?

Collins Ruto @kibe

I am looking for an easy to set up, affordable emailing host (to set up, for example, [email protected]

G Suite is good but for me it looks a bit of an overkill, I do not need all those features and integrations they provide, just a secure and spam free interface to send and receive mails

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    If you have a lot of emails to send you can always try

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      Thanks for your reco. But $1000 p.m? No please 😹 (I understand the need though, I won't be sending that amount of emails for now)

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    I'm using privateemail from namecheap, it starts at $0.91 per month and well, it works!

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    I am using and it has been great so far.

    You should give it a try.

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      I like their interface!

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    I use Migadu for my domains, it's a great no-bs service. Fastmail is also good, but a bit more expensive (or a lot more of you have multiple users).

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      I was sold! But I think the no. of emails sent per month are quite few, this makes their plans a little more expensive

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        It depends on what you're doing I guess. If you're sending marketing or transactional emails then it's a bit limiting, but for normal human-to-human communication, even 100 emails a day is a lot.

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          Yea, for normal communication, 100 is a lot. I meant to use it to send marketing/transactional emails.

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    A rather good email hosting is If you haven't bought a domain yet, you can also buy one at and setup your email hosting all from your dashboard. So far, I really like what they're offering.

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      It seems I can't use their email hosting plan without having a domain with them? And thanks for the reco!

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    I've paid for Fastmail for the last 5 years and still have nothing but good things to say about it.

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      Thank you Noah! I will have a look at Fastmail. What do you love about it most?