April 20, 2019

What factors indicate you might have a successful B2C product?

Justin A @rapidmon33

Unlike B2C products, B2B products are typically much easier to sell as long as they solve the following problems:

  1. Helps the business save money.
  2. Saves the business significant operating costs.
  3. Optimizes critical business pipelines.
  4. Increases revenue without increasing expense.

However, what pain points do B2C products have to solve to make it an equally easy sell?

  1. 2
    1. It should solve the problem, or bring value to the customer.
    2. Reach the right audience
    3. Requires branding and heavy marketing
    4. Product should be easy to buy and use (UI/UX)
    5. Reviews from the customers
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      Number 2 has proven to be the hardest for me.

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