What frameworks and/or tools are you using?

Hello everyone 👋 Let's share what we are using to build our stuff!

I am currently working on iconsizer. It is a web app and I decided to use NodeJS for my backend because I never used it before and wanted to learn more about it 😀

Now it's your turn 😉👍

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    I use elixir/phoenix, and Vue.js in the browser. I chose elixir phoenix because no errors can topple the app, and its great at concurrency.

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    Angular + Laravel
    Rust (next app)
    Flutter when it comes to mobile apps.

    Ironically I never finished or launched any of my apps, I am resolved to change that with the current app.

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      Same here! Best of luck 👍

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    Kotlin + spring boot mainly

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    Next JS for the site, React for the app frontend, django for the app backend, python for the agents (I will have servers that communicate with the backend to schedule docker containers to run on different nodes). I am working at a docker container orchestration application, similar to kubernetes.

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    Nextjs is the best: easy deploy with Vercel, a lot of plugins, api functions, ssr

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    There was just another post like this a few days ago.

    Might be nicer to participate there!

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      I did not see it. Can you link it?

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