What helps you achieve your goals, and what prevents?

I recently started digging into the topic (goal achievement) and would like to formalize a framework for better achievement. I know there is a lot of techniques but you never know where you find a gem. I want to ask indiechackers, what exactly helps, and what prevents you from achieving goals?

For me, what helps:

  1. A clear goal, not necessarily SMART but clear enough with clear "why"
  2. Non-boring tasks
  3. An opportunity to see how others are gaining similar goals
  4. Emotional link to the goal
  5. Strict deadline

What prevents:

  1. Boring, repetitive tasks (even small ones)
  2. Distraction by other ideas, goals, dreams
  3. The impostor syndrome
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    This is my fav topic of the moment. 😁

    What helps:

    1. A life goal that can never be done or achieved. But you can always get closer and closer
    2. Set measurable goals that are realistic in terms of efforts it takes and the time I have
    3. Change my environment to remind me of my goals regularly
    4. Continuously improve self-awareness and become less judgmental about things and people. Tasks are not seen as boring or interesting, but as whether it helps me reach my goals or not
    5. Carve out time to work on the most impactful tasks everyday, even if it’s just 15 mins a day or less

    What prevents:

    • Other people’s pursuations including ads
    • Environmental cues that would distract me from my work
    • Self criticism
    • Unrealistic wish that I can achieve more by following some secrets. There is no secret , which is the secret.
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      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      I think I could borrow #3 from helpers. This is really important for me too - to be aware of goals all the time.
      I also updated my own vision.

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