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What I have Learned from 50 Podcast Episodes

Noah Bragg @noahwbragg

We just did our 50th episode for productjourney.fm. It has been about 11 months since our 1st episode. So I thought I'd share a little bit of what I have learned so far.

  1. Be consistent and release on the same day and time
    We publish our a new episode every Monday at 5am Pst (trying to hit a good time for most of our listeners). You don't necessarily have to publish every week but I think it makes sense for your listeners to know that you are around. More so than publishing often, I have found it important to be consistent. Your listeners can start to expect a time and day and they will be looking for your podcast then. You will get more listens this way. We have only missed one week since we started and that was a break for Christmas.
  2. Growth is Gradual
    This is more so just what I have learned to maybe help with your expectations. There aren't great ways for tons of people to find your podcast. Unless you already have an existing audience or you get on the top of the iTunes podcast charts somehow 🤷‍♂️. You can see from our downloads in the image above that it just slowly goes up over time.
  3. Get feedback and look for ways to improve
    Its kind of hard to know what your listeners are thinking of your podcast since podcasting is such a one-way thing. Also, listeners are often out and about doing things while listening to podcasts so they aren't going to stop there and give you feedback very often. But look for ways where you can find feedback. Twitter was the most common place for us. If someone said they liked a specific episode ask what they liked about it, and then go do more of that thing. This really helped us know what was working and what wasn't.
  4. Guests help you grow
    We have had 15 guests on our podcast. Every time we had a guest they would share it with their audience. This helped new people find us. This is where a lot of our growth came from.
  5. Be active in the community your podcast is a part of
    Both Ben and I have been very active in the bootstrapper community. This helps those in the community to find the podcast and it most likely fits their interest. Your podcast most likely fits in some community. Be very active there. Hopefully this is something you are already doing because it is fun! Is another main way that you can grow.

I really enjoy recording and making a podcast. Great conversations come from it. One of the other main benefits I have seen is meeting people in our community. A podcast gives you a voice and a way to meet people that you probably wouldn't be able to otherwise. I have made some good friends from recording our podcast like Arvid Kahl, Justin Jackson, Kevin Conti and others. Oh! and of course Ben, my co-host. Fun fact, Ben and I didn't know each other before starting the podcast together! 😮

Hope this was interesting to take a look at our experience and hopefully it was helpful to you!

  1. 3

    Love the podcast!

    You're at one of the most interesting phases :)

    For me interesting is finding first customers and scaling to from 10 to 1000 customers (depending on price)

    1. 1

      Thanks! Glad to hear it. It is an interesting time but also stressful. haha. Which probably adds a little drama which makes for a better show. haha.

      1. 2

        Yep huge rollercoaster of emotions.

  2. 2

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Noah, I particularly like the 'expectation setting' part of it. Good luck!

  3. 2

    Congrats you two! It’s been awesome to listen to your journey so far.

    Starting the Product People podcast in 2012 ended up being the most transformative experience of my life (and brought me to where I am today).

    It’s worth doing! 👍

  4. 2

    Fun fact, Ben and I didn't know each other before starting the podcast together!

    Thats awesome! I'd love to hear a little more about how you met and decided to start a podcast despite being "strangers". Is that in the one of the episodes I can pull up?

    Also, congrats on getting to 50!

    1. 2

      That isn't in one of the episodes but we plan to talk about it at some point. Thanks!

      1. 1

        Sweet! I'll be following along 🙂

  5. 2

    What is your setup and how much did you pay for it? Thinking about starting a podcast as well with people I believe have an interesting story to tell but don't have a podcast recorded yet. - Still a bit anxious since I'm only 25 and think people might don't take me serious.

    1. 1

      I have the blue yeti microphone ($100 when I bought it). Pop filter ($15) and mic stand ($15). Then just use quicktime to record and garage band to edit. thats it on the setup! You should do it! I'm only 25 too!

      1. 2

        Cool, I already have a Blue Yeti. Have to get a pop filter then. My recordings don't sound as crisp as yours. Thanks for the motivation. I'll do it.

  6. 2

    Very good tip on "Guests help you grow", congrats on being consistent

  7. 2

    Thanks for sharing your story Noah!
    This is a nice milestone. Congrats to you and Ben.

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