Growth November 28, 2020

What I learnt from launching my new product on reddit

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    This is great. I was just thinking the other day it would be cool to download some music from a relaxation video and play it from my desktop while I'm working. I'm using my phone and a data package to be online at the moment so it would help use less data.

    By the way, if you keep going with this project, I would highly recommend using a domain name that doesn't have the word youtube in, before you get a polite but firm cease and desist email/letter from Youtube's lawyers!

    Something like: yttopodcast, yttopod, tubetopodcast, tubepodcast.

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      I hope you can find some use for the application :) That's a good point actually, I will hunt for my domains haha!

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    Interesting, thanks for sharing! It's tricky to self promote and not try to come off as spammy.

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      That is honestly the biggest barrier that I have come across on reddit. It's really hard and I think a bit of luck is involved as well!

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