What if web design could be changed, without having to touch the code?

Have you ever used Canva? Don't you just love the way it is so simple to use and yet allows you to make designs as good as an artist does?

Well, what if you could make the changes to a web design, without having to touch the code of the website?

If the above problem was relevant to you, then this post is going to make your day.

For the past few months, I have been focusing on building and scaling my product, www.ruttl.com and I am happy to let all of you entrepreneurs out there know that I've started handing out the beta keys for my product.

If you are interested in Ruttl, head over to the website and sign up for the beta access. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedbacks for any future improvements!

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    Definitely something a lot of freelancers need. If I were you, I'd also consider doing a lifetime deal as well and post it on various FB lifetime deal groups, try to pitch AppSumo, etc.

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      That's a great advice @zerotousers. I'll make sure to consider that that, thanks!

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