What industry are you in and what made you want to join this specific industry?

Hi everyone!
I am a first-year student at the University of Adelaide currently studying Bachelor of Psychology (Advanced) Honours. However, I have also taken upon an elective subject in entrepreneurship, and part of my first assessment is to network with entrepreneurs. I would appreciate it If you would kindly take a few minutes to answer a couple of the following questions that I have listed below. Thank You!

  1. What industry are you in and what made you want to join this specific industry?
  2. What was your goal starting out/what motivated you to start a business? Was it out of necessity?
  3. What sort of challenges did you face when starting out? Any sort of financial or emotional burdens? If so, how did you overcome such issues?
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    Hi Jas,

    First, Just a brief background: I am the cofounder of complab.io :) We are a curated component marketplace for Adalo. we are focus on adalo now but we do plan to offer other no code tools customisation/templates/components in the future.

    1. I have worked for retail and an ecommerce enabler for 7 years. Started as a developer turned into a product/project role. During my years working in this industry, We have used a lot of no code tools to create ecommerce channels/web apps for brands.
    2. It was a weekend hobby turned into a business opportunity. i always enjoyed creating products out of no code because i'm not a really a great developer, i suck at it.
      when i first created my product out of no code. i wanted more ways to customized it. I hired my first developer which is now my co founder to create components for me and we saw an opportunity that a lot of non-coders such as myself want the same components. We decided to create a business out of it and sell components to non-coders such as myself. the components are fairly price because we wanted it to be affordable for non coders while they build their MVP. we also offer customisations and special request on the side! initially, we never thought we would start the business. We just wanted to create different apps and test the market. but we ended up creating this business. we did not want to create the next web flow/adalo, we just wanted to have a platform for creators, developers and designers to share and monetize what they created through those platform.
    3. We are still in the early stage of our business and we might pivot to a full fledge adalo agency or no code agency, We will never know. But what is important is how to adapt to the current changes in the no code industry. We are still putting a lot of work and making sure we are servicing our clients. along the way, the most important thing for me is we are monetising and having fun at the same time.

    Good luck on your assessment Jas!

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    Hi, Jas

    1. I'm primarily in the web development industry, but I'm also a designer and a maker on the side. I'm currently working on foxyapps.co. Since I was little I wanted to do something with computers, so I was really excited when I got into a high school that had a CS program. However, the program was pretty shit and teachers didn't know that much about programming so my interest died a little bit and I went on to study economics. After doing my Bachelor's, Master's and starting a PhD, I realized that I actually want to go back to programming. So I took few months off to teach myself basics and got a job as a web developer. After few years working for the man, I've decided that I want to start working on my own projects and here I am.
    2. I really don't like working for other people and I prefer to do things my own way, so that's why I'd like to start a business of my own.
    3. I'm still starting out and so far I didn't have that many challenges to overcome. But I'm a very risk-averse person and I have enough savings and few side gigs to support myself until I figure out how to create a profitable business, so I'm not worried yet. Maybe the only thing I struggle with is to put myself more out there and be more active in the community, but I'm working on it.

    Good luck with your assessment!

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      That's very admirable. I can relate to struggling to put myself out there too. I feel like it's a very scary thing to do but I now know the importance of networking and how much it can achieve. Do you have a tip or piece of advice you would give to someone like me who is aspiring to have their own business one day? I wish you the best of luck with your business!

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        My only advice is to just get started. The sooner the better.
        Thanks and good luck with your business as well!

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    1. Web development and digital marketing

    2. It was a total accident. I started out as a writer and did a lot of publishing work in the early days of the Internet. Writing was just too difficult to earn a decent living, and the other skillsets I developed along the way just lent themselves to building websites and doing digital marketing.

    3. Self-employment and entrepreneurship are always s tough slogs. I don't think I've had any special challenges outside the norm for this lifestyle.

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      Love your life story, I personally do think that the accidents we make are only meant to lead us onto the right path. Do you have a tip or piece of advice you would give to someone like me who is aspiring to have their own business one day?

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        Imposter syndrome is real. Recognize and know your value. Make yourself stick to your guns and stick to your bottom line, even when you don't feel like you deserve it. Then keep raising your bottom line regularly.

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    Hi @Jas_Kaur_Saini 👋,

    First, a little bit of context: I am the cofounder of Adflow, a tool that lets you create high conversion ads and social posts in seconds.

    1. I am in the mar-tech/ad-tech space. I worked at Google for 3 years and saw how digtial adv (done right) can help businesses of all sizes scale.
    2. I am looking to speed up one of the most time-consuming parts of growing your business with online ads, that of finding creatives (copy/images/video) for your ads that just work. I was prompted to work on this problem by having experienced it firsthand with the clients/agencies I was working with.
    3. Still going through many of the initial challenges of starting your own business, mostly keeping up the motivation and continuing to put in the legwork (most of the times results will not come immediately after launch, but you have to keep at it regardless).
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      That's pretty impressive! Do you have a tip or piece of advice you would give to someone like me who is aspiring to have their own business one day? I wish you the best of luck with your business!

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        "Get you hands dirty" as soon as possible. There are many learnings that come from the experience of just trying, even if you ultimately fail.

        And thanks for your wishes, best of luck to you too 😉.

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    1. I'm currently apart of the fashion industry and what made me join this sector was my personal love of fashion and everything related. I find it very enjoyable to work with clothes, especially the designing and manufacturing.
    2. My goal starting out was to do something that I really loved doing, which was two things, business and fashion. So i decided to create a clothing line representative of who I am, and to make a business who puts customers first. It was out of necessity in the sense that I really wanted to create something of which I was in charge, instead of working a 9-5.
    3. I think financial burdens are a given when starting out any business, as the investment in the beginning is higher than the profit. Then comes emotional difficulties when the business doesn't kick start how you expected. I learnt to really power through the tough times and never forget why I started in the first place.
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      Wow, you're own fashion line! That's amazing! How long did it take for you to get investments, launch your company, and for the business to take off? Do you think it took longer than usual (did something hold you back) or did it take the time you originally planned it to take?

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        I had a job prior to the business so investment was not too much of a hassle as long as i was working alongside. Launching the business took around a year, with planning on how to do things, designing websites and deciding a name. Arranging all products and making the clothes. It takes time to learn how to do things and where to go for help. I don't know if it took longer than usual, there isn't really a usual for business, it all depends on so many factors. It took around another year for the business to pick up fully, for several months it was dawdling, with some orders n then no orders. I think when i finally learnt the promoting and social media aspect of things the business began to take off.

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    Hi Jas! Welcome to this community, hope it treats you well. I had moved to Australia on a study visa from India and so I was very desperate to start a new life here. I actually completed my bachelors degree at the University of South Australia before moving to Melbourne for better opportunities. I am in the real estate industry and the reason why I chose to join real estate was because I had noticed the great potential in such a business. I also had quite a few relatives in this industry that were able to give me some fair advice to push me further along in my career. I wouldn’t say it was exactly a necessity for me to get into real estate as I was only earning for myself. But it was important for me to get a job so I could make a good life for myself and my future family. An emotional time for me was as I was separated from my parents when first moving to Australia for study. I had relied on my parents help all my life and so it was tough at first figuring out how to go about getting a job and making friends and connections around me. As English is my second language at first it was difficult to understand the common slang used causing a barrier to form between me and future connections. However, I made sure to push myself to learn more to avoid such language barriers. Eventually one thing led to another and now I am very excited to soon launch my very own real estate company. It had been a long tireless road but I had gotten there finally.

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      What tip or piece of advice you would give to someone like me who is aspiring to have their own business one day?

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        Well a very important part of entrepreneurship is being passionate and true to yourself and your business. Owning a business is hard work but maintaining its foundation and making it take off into a successful future is even more difficult. It’s absolutely essential to find a work/life balance to ensure that you’re own health and well-being isn’t at risk. Make sure you stay connected to those who are important to you and continue to network and make new connections.

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      Thank you for sharing your story, it was very inspiring to me.

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