May 8, 2019

What information ahead of time, would you like to know before you reach out to a new client for the 1st time?

Mark @Skurt

This is more general, any field can add to this.

I work in Strategic Content Creation for my company. I mostly do sales though in the grand scheme of things. I love having a little bit of an edge when I talk to new clients, cold calling clients, etc etc.

Before I reach out to a potential new client, I'm not always the fly blind kind of guy. I like to do a little research about them first. Things like their locations (if multiple), their marketing strategies, growth, public news articles, etc.

Before you reach out to a potential new client, what kind of information would you want to know about them that can help you to seal the deal?


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    Firstname for

    Birthdate for astrologic sign

    I know....