Self Development September 9, 2020

What interesting things have you read, watched, or listened to recently?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

I'm curious as to what bit of content you have consumed recently that you have found insightful.

Care to share?

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    I recently found this old article about the nomad life, and it made reminiscent of my years whenI lived in Asia.

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      It is the story of Peter Levels, the make book guy or the nomadlist guy. He is one of my inspirations.

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    Mindset. I only just heard of it and it's a very powerful book.

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    A couple of articles I recently read and found insightful:

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        Thanks but I'm not sure what I can contribute in the other post. Links to other interesting content?

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          I meant you could post the 'ten-year-old code' as a link post.

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    • 🧠 I've discovered recently the podcast of Lex Fridman and they are great. I don't watch / listen to podcast normally, but it's the exception. It's about AI and computing in general. He has already interviewed big names in science and computer science.
    • 📝 I like writing, and the book Keys to Great Writing is one of the best I've read about that.
    • 🗺 I've a whole lot of notes (taking the shape of mindmaps) here for everything I find interesting.
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      Have you watched Joe Rogan's podcast with Lex? It's insane.

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        Only part of one. As I was saying, I'm not a big fan of podcasts :)

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    This is completely off-topic, but I really enjoyed the book The End of Everything, Astrophysically Speaking. It explains the history of the universe through now, and outlines the different scenarios that may eventually end the universe: heat death, a fiery collapse, the big rip, false vacuum collapse. She outlines all of the evidence that cosmologists have collected for the different scenarios. Some of the evidence is weird and counterintuitive. For example, the rate of expansion in the universe is accelerating. She also talks with other experts in the field to hear which ending scenarios they believe are most likely.

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    The Guardian recently published an op-ed written by GPT-3:

    While the whole thing is a more of a stunt at this stage, and the piece is mediocre at best, I think it has important implications for many.

    The editors at the Guardian are pitched probably hundreds of times a day. Some writers never get a chance to write for them. But here comes this AI, getting published already...

    Also, what implications does this have for content marketing and SEO? When you’ll be able to generate hundreds of pieces of writing about your product/niche instantly?

    My prediction: Good brand will be even more important. We will need good curators. And only the content that delivers the highest value will be consumed as people will be forced to filter out what they pay attention to even more aggressively.

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    Never Split The Difference. Very well written/narrated book with advice that will help you in life in general.

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      I always recommend this book!! Is a must for "human survival"

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    a Youtuber who talks about quantum physics and random snippets about the world.. unfortunately he doesn't speak English or I would recommend it here. Another would be "What makes you not a Buddhist" (It's not as religious as it sounds). And nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough.

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    I've been listening to Justin Jackson's podcast. Actually he's got 2.. MegaMaker and Build Your SaaS. I like it because there's a great balance of rawness in his struggles with insights from what he's learned over the years. It's good to go back and listen to older episodes and get some context for the newer ones.

    A question for others in this thread:
    How do you usually find (as in locate) the blogs and podcasts you read / listen to?

    For me, it's quite random, usually I'll hear about someone from another blog or podcast and seek them out on twitter, then I'll find their website and discover their stuff that way.

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    i like the recent "random show" video episode with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss. Most watchers thought it was negative or morbid due to the topics discussed like recent covid and world events. I think that if you really focus on a lot of what they are saying, it has a ton of good info on body, and mind health and a lot of ideas about how to motivate and better yourself as a person, and in your career or passion.

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    I've been reading this :

    I'm finding it very useful, a lot of stuff that I can put to use immediately.

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      Thanks, looks useful.

      I posted it as a link here -

      Feel free to upvote and post useful stuff you find as links in the future. 😇

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    This podcast:

    If you are interested in buying an (online) business, it's very insightful! 🔥

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    Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot.

    I watched this years ago, and rewatched it again this week. Really puts into perspective how small we are in the grand scheme of things and why treating people kindly matters.

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    The Social Dilemma is a great documentary. Watched it yesterday on Netflix as it just came out. Will hopefully spread awareness about the issues with social media and surveillance capitalism to more people.

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      Actually, I added it here -

      Want to add any notes to it?

      I will do the same after I watch it. 🥰

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        Nice! I added some general thoughts about it. Curious to hear what others think.

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      Oh yes, need to watch this. :)

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    Just finished the first chapter of Workin in Public, very insightful regarding the open-source movement and how it changed from the political stance of the 80's to a millenial need for sharing whatever, including code.

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    As someone who often struggles with going to bed early, this Joe Rogan interview about the importance of sleep has been really, really interesting.

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    "Falling in love with problems" that i received in my digest recently... an amazing read especially struggling with ambiguity ..:D

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      Should I keep sharing more like that?

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        yes that would be nice, thank you :DD

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