What is a healthy open rate for a newsletter in early days?

Hi All,

I started my newsletter last month and share a curated list of product management articles daily. I share articles that can be read in 15-20 min, the goal being to develop a daily habit of learning.

I got an initial set of subscribers (approaching 100 subscribers) and have been posting daily. I wanted to understand from the community here what a good open rate for a newsletter is in the initial days? I am seeing ~35-40% open rates daily - is that good or can be be better?

My newsletter: dailypm.substack.com

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    Interestingly enough our open rate is dropping the more subscribers we get 😅 we started out with around 40 to 45% for the first 200 subscribers, but we’re approaching the 500 subscribers now and our open rate is significantly lower. I believe more in the range of 30%.

    So your open rates are great, consider pruning subscribers who are no longer opening your emails. We’re looking at unsubscribing everyone who hasn’t read an email in 3 months

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      Keeping a healthy open rate helps with deliverability I read. Less people who will mark your email as spam and maybe the open rate helps services like Gmail assess whether you should end up in inboxes or Newsletter folders

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        This is really helpful advice, and glad to hear I am in the ballpark range. Will mentally prepare myself for lower open rates as I grow :D

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    That is great IMO. Always can be better, but as you mature it will likely come down to the 10% range on far less frequent communication. Inboxes are crowded. If you get 40% of people opening, focus on the next step in the journey. Your subject lines and sender cred are working :)

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      Thanks a lot - this was really reassuring to know. I will focus on growing this further

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