What is Innovation Coaching?

I'm a former biotechnology clinical researcher turned executive coach. My practice niche area is innovation coaching. BUT, what the heck is innovation coaching anyway?

For starters, it's way more than brainstorming. Innovation coaching is all about bringing your new idea into the world in order to improve it and/or the lives of others. This is rather broad and is for good reason - because the spectrum between "think of idea" and "change the world because the world is now using my idea" is massive and slightly different for everyone. Innovation coaching is understanding how this shows up for you and removing what is in the way between your idea and its adoption by the world. Of course, within this there are all sorts other things we struggle with like loneliness, the creative process, anxiety, fear of judgment, acceptance, overwhelm and all of the emotions in between. I get it, which is why I'm on a mission to make the world a more creative place, one person at a time! :)

here is a comicblog post I made about this:

Enjoy and happy creating!

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