What is MVP if you are restarting old complicated project

I'm trying to give my old project arts.in.ua a new life. For that I'm rewriting it from a scratch, adding multiple languages, and targeting more than local markets this time. Problem is, the old site is huge and complicated. It's more like what we called in 200s portal. And I know that 80% of the functionality doesn't add any real value.

Should I waste time on recreating it, or make people really angry by just dumping all those futures (at least for start)?

The core of the site is gallery/rating system/comments/sales.

But we also have forums, classics, art buisness catalogs, news, simple site builder, events, contests, and even our own counter/site rating.

All of the mentioned doesn't used much and wouldn't really contribute to income. But it would be a hard sell for existing users to just destroy all this functionality.

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    It’s tough but I’d say focus on the most popular feature. Simplify and make that one feature so great that losing the rest wont matter.

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      Yeah, artists are so conservative that I would matter. In the past, even the slightest changes in design were raising so much opposition... But In the end I guess that's the only way :)

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        I understand. People don't like change, but that is the only way progress is made. Not everyone will come with you, but that's okay because there is always another person that will find the new way better and more appealing.

        As they say, you can't go back and change the beginning, but you can change the ending. You got this.

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          Thanks for your input! Really appreciate it!

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