What is the best bank for small businesses?

I am looking for information for creating a bank account for my small business.
I currently live in the UK but any info about what to look for and various tips and tricks you have experienced will help others with the same question too.

I am looking at Monzo business https://monzo.com/i/business/
and Starling Bank https://www.starlingbank.com/business-account/

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    Monzo Business for Europe. Mercury (mercury.com) for the US. I've used both and they are lovely. The interesting part is that they accept founders globally. I'm from Nigeria.

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      great, I am looking into Monzo business too.

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    I personally use TransferWise (or just Wise now: https://wise.com/).

    You can create business and personal accounts, they have very low fees and conversion ratios. You can have accounts in several currencies and even a debit card.

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      Hey many thanks I'll have a look. are you using it for your business?

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