What is the best No Code tool to create MVP for a social network?

For quite a long time I've been thinking about a new project idea and want to create an MVP to see if someone will be interested in it.

I want to build a very simple version of a social network. After a new user signs up to the website, he is asked several questions and his answers are then posted in special fields on his page (each user has a unique URL page with all his answers).

The user profile page is standardized and has some level a graphic design (not just a simple table with questions and answers).

If a user decided not to answer to specific questions, the fields with these questions should not be shown on his profile (some of the questions are not relevant for certain users).

Do you think it's possible to create an MVP for these requirements with No Code? If so, what tools would you recommend?

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      Second Bubble.

      However, no-code doesn't mean no-learning curve. If you're looking to MVP + gain skills in a no-code app, go for it.

      However, if you're really looking to get fast feedback on the basic idea, go really simple and do something not scalable. For example, a Google Form for the questions, manually enter in Airtable with a different worksheet per user, and display on a webpage - a page per user embeds their Airtable worksheet. Crazy, I know, but do this for 10 user to get real feedback. What you've learned can then be applied to the more time consuming MVP in a no-code tool.

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    Leaning towards Bubble.

    Otherwise, if you are looking for white label solution, perhaps Mighty Networks, Circle So?

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      I tried Mighty Networks for an idea, and to be honest, from a user perspective it felt like wading through treacle. Hard to put my finger on, but the UX is just not slick. And their customer support is diabolical - actually scratch that, to be diabolical it has to exist!! I am sad to say all that because on paper MN should be a really incredible offering and I was excited when I first found it. Oh, and it aint truly white label.

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    Not too dismiss any of the arguments for whichever tools here, but let me try to put this into a different perspective.

    Why try to build a social network on no code in the first place?

    Your going to need to refactor it for sure and this isn't the kind of thing you just whip up an MVP for..

    Are you just trying to show off an idea? If so maybe do something like a clickable Figma prototype and start testing with potential early adopters using Maze?

    A social network isn't a good use case for no code.

    More directly, Emmanuel from Bubble told us at ODNC1 specifically that was not a good use case for Bubble because there's too many disparate pieces to duct tape together

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    Saw the comments below too and I gotta agree, I've heard about Builder studio the most too!

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    This sounds identical to something I built several months ago. It was meant to be a profile page type thing for people in remote teams to get to know each other better.

    It was literally what you described; whole bunch of questions, all of them optional, whatever you chose to answer goes on a profile page that has a shareable link.

    I'll sell you it 🤓

    This was it: https://teamster.rocks/

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      Thanks for the offer! But for now I just want to test No Code tools and create MVP on my own)

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    Bubble would get the job done, Glide is also a good alternative with an easy learning curve, if you're interested I've got a Glide social network template up for sale to make it easier for you to set up on Glide.


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    I would say:

    • Mighty Network
    • Bubble
    • Wordpress Multisite.

    Since people have already spoken about the Pros and Cons ov MN et Bubble I will focus on WordPress.

    You can use Wordpress Multisite and create a standard webpage that will be the same for all those who register. You can have a plugin survey of a form that will be link to the page and that will populate it based on the user answer.

    WordPress is pretty flexible and you can have amazing result with it.

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    mighty networks is the fastest path to market. i am a fan of bubble but starting there is reinventing the wheel on a bunch of features that have been around for a while. mighty networks has all the social features you need out of the box and can be hosted at a custom domain. i have been a member of 3 different communities on mighty networks and have really enjoyed the experience.


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      Thanks for the advice!

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    Bubble looks very shiny. but why sell yourself as "no code" and then have features like "server capacity: 3 reserved units". What TF does that mean? Been in tech 30 yrs and I have no idea ;-)

    and those monthly "you will be locked in to us forever,... ha ha ha ha!!" prices are bonkers.

    I was told by someone else in the developers group about a few other no/low code makers. AppGyver looks pretty interesting - totally free and you get the binary at the end to do with what you want.

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    I don't know how many of you have heard of ning.com? 🙂 It used to be a thing back in the day when Rails was the hot new thing. Ning has a very traditional social networking engine under the hood.

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    Saw the comments below too and I gotta agree, I've heard about Builder studio the most too!
    You might wanna check it out!

    Are you working solo or with a team on this idea @AndreyNovikov?

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      Thank for the advice! For now I'm working solo on this idea)

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