What is the best stack to build SaaS to have basic features such as landing page, log in, member area & hosting, etc?

I'm not a developer but I can learn tech as quickly as possible if someone can direct me towards building something simple and small.

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    In my experience, the best stack is what you already know. If you are new to coding, I suggest you take a look at no-code (webflow,...) which is a big trend nowadays, otherwise stick to whatever you know and focus on delivering value for your potential customers.

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    Ruby on Rails. You‘re setup in minutes with login, sign up etc.

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    For the web app:

    Supabase for auth, database, hosting
    Nextjs for frontend and apis

    That is by far the best stack for shipping. Every other stack requires you to learn server maintenance and/or use expensive services like Heroku.

    For landing page, website, blog and knowledge base I built https://versoly.com/ and Indie hackers love it :)

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    For inspectflow.io, I used Next.JS for landing page things, Firebase Auth for log in, and Netlify for hosting. It was all with the intent to build something fast and in a stack I was already somewhat familiar with! @MayurJadhav

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    The best stack is the stack you know best.

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    It will all depend on how detailed your SaaS product is going to be. +1 to @abdelhaak comment about the best one is the one you know.

    No-code is an option but as I said depends on what you will be building.

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