What is the best tool for collecting emails on landing pages without having to provide a physical address?

Title says it :)

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      Thx, will check it out

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    Are you certain MailChimp make your address public?

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      Yes, when I used it last time, they were forced to request an address because of some US law. Im from Switzerland though, so I don't know if a EU Provider will request it as well.
      For me providing a physical address is no problem if it isn't shown on the newsletter or so, but it is.

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        While Mailchimp requires an address, I believe you can remove it from the newsletter so that the customer never sees it.


        It's been a while since I used Mailchimp, but I recall using my home address and then just removing it so that users never see it.

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            You’re welcome! In fact I think most ESPs these days will let you remove the address from the mailing list, you just have to dig around in the settings to remove it. Good luck!

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    I think the physical address requirement is driven by the CAN-SPAM legislation in the US so it may be that US-based providers mandate the information.

    You might find that service providers based in the EU don't have that requirement.

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      They might determine it's required to enforce GDPR, however.

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        There's no specific requirement under the GDPR or the Privacy Directive to provide a physical address.

        Of course, if you're going to process personal data that is subject to the GDPR, one should be registered with the relevant data protection authority, which does require a physical address.

        But there's no specific requirement to quote the physical address on marketing emails, which does exist in the US.

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          Can you maybe recommend some EU service specifically? Ones you have good experience with?

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    Depends on what is downstream. If going into an AirTable, use AirTable. If going into Constant Contact or MailChimp, use Constant Contact or MailChimp.

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      Yes, but for example in MailChimp you need to provide a physical address and I don't have any "public" address. That's why I'm asking for a kind of known integration which doesn't require a physical address :D

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