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What is the craziest idea you've heard for a startup... but it actually made sense and/or became successful.

I came across this article on The Hustler (https://thehustle.co/07292021-deathcare-startups/) that reminded me of some really out of the blue ideas. I know a lot of those ideas don't really make it far, but what are some ideas that have persisted and become relevant?

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    I am replacing phone numbers and email addresses with a contact link. It's just... a link.

    From there you can call, text, email, video call, schedule a meeting, leave a video message.. etc. Because browsers and apps can do everything now.

    I keep getting told it's crazy. But c'mon. Do you really think we will be giving each other PHONE NUMBERS in 20 years? Check us out at www.ContactLink.com

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