What is the fastest way to learn to code in order to land your first job / do service work in the US

I'm a software engineer in test, want to transition into product development, then own a service business? What is the best/fastest way in your opinion? Not sure how difficult it will be to land a first job with current situation

  • Part-time Bootcamp (Hack Reactor, Springshot - 20 hours a week; 9-12 months)
  • Full Time Bootcamp (Hack Reactor, Full Stack Academy) - Leave a job and attend a boot camp, then look for a job (not sure how )
  • Work with a mentor (mentorcruise), Watch courses online: Udemy (Build apps) / Prepare for interviews - find a job (Not sure about timeline)
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    I agree that you should join a bootcamp. At the same time, I'd recommend building a product on the side. I wouldn't have learned to code if there hadn't been an app (Nudge) that I was insanely passionate about wanting to develop. It kept me going through many episodes of 'jeez, I can't do this any more'.

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      Btw, some of these bootcamps are reaaally expensive - so get your expectations set!

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    I would imagine a bootcamp is the way to go. Whether you do it full-time or part-time depends on how comfortable you'd be without income while you do this. I think the more famous bootcamps have good track record of placing their students in jobs soon after graduation since employers know and trust the process of those bootcamps. I only know this through anecdotal experience of others.

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