Meta May 27, 2019

What is the firebase cost for indiehackers ?


I read that IH uses firebase for the backend. Roughly what can be the cost expected for a site like IH. I am thinking of using firestore and other services for my project.


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    Depends entirely how you code things! I pay a few hundred dollars per month, but could easily pay more or less if the site was architected differently.

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      Do you use firestore or realtime database ??
      How did you figure out your firestore rules ???
      What resources did you use for architecting IH ??

      Love the website.

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        I use the RTDB unfortunately. Firestore wasn't out when I started IH. Haven't used any resources or advanced planning, really. I just figure things out as I go and make adjustments.

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          Thanks allen, I am doing the same...